W yellow kurta

Flaunt the right amount of elegance, style and class with this yellow kurta from W. Crafted from cotton, this kurta can be comfortably worn throughout the day. In addition, it features a printed pattern that renders it sophisticated. It also flaunts a round neck and three quarter sleeves that adds to the design. Indian Fashion designer for Weddings. Exclusive collection for kids , mens and womens wear. Shippping to any where across the globe. Lowest price of today for W Yellow Printed Kurta is Rs 849 on 8th June 2020. Shop online W Yellow Printed Kurta from the wide range of W. Just click on the W Yellow Printed Kurta to get access to the extensive price list from all online stores. Elevate your fashion and glamour quotient with this yellow kurta from W. It is made from cotton fabric and stays strong against the skin. The kurta has full sleeves and a round neck that make it a comfortable wear. Pair it with a leggings. Buy W Kurtas for Women online from the latest collection of Kurtas on shoppersstop. Order today. Enjoy Quick Delivery COD Free Returns. ... X W Womens Yellow Round Neck Printed Kurta - Yellow. W. Womens Yellow Round Neck Printed Kurta - Yellow... MRP Rs 1699. Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, 18. Rs. {{numberWithCommas(item.price)}} Rs. {{numberWithCommas(item.discounted_price)}}-{{item.discount_percentage}}% Utsa Yellow Straight Floral Pattern Kurta Introduce a dash of feminine aesthetic into your ethnic collection by choosing this yellow kurta from Utsa. Combining stripes along with large floral motifs for fashionable appeal, this straight-cut garment is crafted from a light material for all-day comfort and... Yellow Kurta Sharara Set (Set of 2) USD 52.57: 7. Yellow Angrakha Kurta Palazzo Set (Set of 2) USD 62.29: 8. Tales Of Yellow Kurta Skirt Set With Dupatta (Set of 3) USD 58.43: 9. Yellow Lace Kurta & Pant With Dupatta (Set of 3) USD 69.14: 10. Yellow printed rayon kurti: USD 32.43 Buy W Women Mustard Yellow Printed Straight Kurta online in India at best price.Mustard yellow printed straight kurta , has a round neck, three-quarter sleeves, straight hem, side. Embroidery Suits Design Stylish Suit Kurti Designs Party Wear Yellow Print Indian Designer Wear Traditional Dresses Indian Wear Couture Fashion I Dress. X W Womens Round Neck Striped Kurta - Natural. W. Womens Round Neck Striped Kurta - Natural... MRP Rs 1799. Size: 8, 10, 12, 14. X W Womens Band Collar Printed Kurta - Orange. W. ... X W Womens Solid Tights - Yellow. W. Womens Solid Tights - Yellow... MRP Rs 799. Size: Large, Medium, Small. Load ...

[FT] 100+ Clothes! [LF] Bells, NMTs, or rare materials!

2020.09.27 00:04 NylaTheWolf [FT] 100+ Clothes! [LF] Bells, NMTs, or rare materials!

I'm desperately trying to clean out my storage, my island is trashed with items that I really need to sell. I have a variety of clothing items I'm willing to trade! I do have a lot of furniture and wallpaper, but I'm too lazy to make a list right now.
Rare materials = pearls, gold, rusted parts, seasonal materials, zodiac fragments, star fragments, large star fragments!
Comment your offers!
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2020.09.08 06:25 icecreamlettuce Kurapika's Clothes

Hey, was just wondering if anyone knew Togashi's inspiration for the Kurta Clan's traditional clothing (the blue/red and blue/yellow vest skirt ensembles)? Or did he just come up with it himself? Also, why does Kurapika start wearing a suit after the York New Arc? There might not be an explicit answer in canon, but I was just wondering what y'all thought. My first guess was that wearing a suit just make him more anonymous, so if he's getting eyes from someone they aren't immediately alarmed that a random surviving Kurta is coming for revenge. And also maybe he's mourning his brethren as he's putting their eyes to rest? Like a funeral get up kind of? Idk, let me know what y'all think!
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2020.09.04 14:12 SHOPKUND-UK latest Diwali collection Mens Kurta payjama

Product Code: SKU: KURU0004
This design is Men Kurta with Dark Black in colour. Kameez (top) is made by Art Silk fabric and having Embroidered work, salwar (bottom) is in Gold,Yellow colour and made by Art Silk fabric.
This diwali kurta payjama dress is in Casual Wear,Festival Wear,Party Wear style and we suggest you to First Wash Dry Clean Only for wash care.

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2020.08.27 07:20 jaipurkurti01 Jaipur Kurti Women Yellow Floral Print Straight Cotton Lounge Wear

Jaipur Kurti Women Yellow Floral Print Straight Cotton Lounge Wear
Yellow Printed Sleepwear Consist Of Straight Short Kurta & Pants Yellow Printed Kurta Has A Round Neck,Three-Quarter Sleeves, Round Hem, Side Slits A Pair Of Yelow Printed Pants With Side Pocket,Back Elastic
Visit now : https://www.jaipurkurti.com

#JaipurKurti, #JaipurKurtiLook, #Styleoftheday, #WomenWear, #FashionForAll, #WomenClothing, #SummerClothes, #SummerCollection
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2020.08.24 14:47 carlykittycats [FT] long list below [LF] wishlist items

Hey! I can trade multiple items for high value wishlist items :) Wishlist- https://villagerdb.com/usecarlykittycats/list/wishlist
Things for trade- CLOTHING Apron- green, blue, purple, brown Argyle best- green Athletic jacket- red, blue Basketball tank- orange, light blue Bomber jacket- brown Bowling shirt- orange, green, purple Business suitcoat- grey Cycling shirt- black&yellow, red, pink, blue Explorer shirt- brown Fitness tank- yellow Football shirt- blue Front tie button down shirt - grey Gilet and shirt- white, red Hula top- green Kurta- brown King fu tee- white Lacy shirt- black X2 Music fest shirt- blue, pink Muscle tank- grey, pink, purple Shall overshirt- grey Relay tank- light blue X2, yellow X2, red, white, dark blue Ribbon straps tank- pink Sleeveless parka- black, pink, green, purple Soccer uniform top- white, black, red, yellow, green Sparkly embroidered tank- red, yellow Sports tank- blue, green, yellow, orange, black Staff uniform- blue Track jacket - blue Tube top- yellow Tunic tank- white, yellow Vampire costume- purple Workout top- black Camo skirt- brown Corduroy skirt- black Baby romper- pink Concierge uniform- white, red, green Full body tights- blue Jumper work suit- orange X2, green, blue Oversized print dress- blue, green Painter coverall- white, green Pilots uniform- black, blue Rugby uniform- green, red, green&black Tee dress- white, green, blue Tiger face tee dress- white, pink Bicycle helmet- orange X2, pink Cycling cap- white, pink Jockeys helmet- red, yellow Ladder shades- red, brown
MATERIALS 60 iron nuggets 50 clay
RUGS Simple medium avocado mat Simple medium blue mat Simple medium brown mat Simple medium orange mat Simple small avocado mat Simple small brown mat X2 Simple small red mat X2 Sloppy rug- blue Blue blocks rug Brown shaggy rug Green shaggy rug Red and blue checkered rug Blue argyle rug Blue stripes rug Colourful vinyl sheet Brown kitchen mat Yellow kitchen mat Rough rug Simple navy bath mat
FLOORING Pine board flooring Blue pain flooring Hexagonal floral flooring X2 Ship deck
WALLPAPER Pink flower print wall Blue delicate blooms wall Butterflies wall (bug off wallpaper)
WALL DECORATIONS Cuckoo clock Intercom monitor Wall mounted candle Grasshopper head model Mantis head model
MISC DECORATIONS Kettle Glass holder with candle- blue Old fashioned alarm clock- white X2, black Hourglass Cordless phone Floating isotope planter Essay set Electronics kit Moms pen stand- white, brown Baby panda- green Ant farm Brine shrimp aquarium Throwback container- red Throwback wrestling figure
HOUSE WARES Floor seat- brown, red, black Arcade seat- red Cute chair Den chair- brown Folding chair- blue Modern office chair- red Podium X2 Lecture hall desk X2 Basic teachers desk- brown Rattan bed- brown&blue, white&mint Floor light- white X17 Freezer- grey Automatic washer- white, black Clothesline pole X2 Stall X6 Cone X2 Neutral corner Red corner
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2020.07.31 15:44 anakay83 Dress code for bereaved Bollywood women

Dress code for bereaved Bollywood women
u/chafferhuman, please let me know if you think this topic is not appropriate for discussion, I'll delete.

Fashionforward folks, why is it an unwritten rule that bereaved Bolly women *must* appear in white dowdy dupattas or baggy kurtas? Be it onscreen or offscreen. Would your opinion about Rhea/Ankita change if they showed up in say a plain non-white t-shirt or a simple but non-white kurta?
I understand that some colours like yellow or some prints like florals might appear too vibrant for the occasion, hoodies or shorts might feel too casual. But is there NO alternative to white kurtas?
If a top Bollywood heroine were to show up for a funeral wearing one of these, would it stand out to you as bucking a trend? This selection here is a random - I am not asking you if you like these specific clothes - I am asking if you would judge a celeb if they were to wear something like this to a funeral-type event. Or even to an interview in relation to a dear departed friend/relative.
images from Google.
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2020.07.27 18:39 anxious-aoide [GIVEAWAY] all my extra stuff

i haven't been able to do a giveaway for a while and i want to get rid of as much as possible so this is a big one. just comment what you want. i can tell you the colors of anything if you ask. it can take a while to gather the stuff, get in touch with people, and edit the post so please be patient with me
edit: now that i'm through the rush i'm going to remove the things that have already been claimed so the post is easier to read. i'll be leaving it up for probably the rest of the night so don't hesitate to ask for whatever you want
posters: Boots's poster, Filbert's poster, Zucker's poster x2, Zell's poster
items: ironwood chair, hose reel x3, kettle, toilet, soup kettle x2, throwback mitt chair x2, drying rack x3, garbage pail x2, digital alarm clock, podium, board game x2, exercise ball x2, school chair x3, study desk x2, unfinished puzzle, bathroom towel rack, claw-foot tub, homework set, metronome, ironing set, wall-mounted tool board, mantis-head model, hourglass, broom and dustpan, vacuum cleaner x2, clothesline pole x2, high-end stereo, dolly x2, outdoor generator x2, upright locker x2, pants press x2, glass holder with candle, outdoor table x2, den chair, antique bureau, sewing project, mama bear, knife block, squat toilet, cordless phone, throwback dino screen, corkboard, stadiometer x2, candle, den desk x2, sewing machine, tool shelf, safe x2, pedal board, tool cart, dinnerware, exercise bike, throwback wall clock x2, wheelchair, punching bag x2, smoker, shaded floor lamp, cooler box x4, modern office chair x2, dish-drying rack, coffee grinder, marimba, handy water cooler, ant farm, mini fridge, magic kit, cat tower, upright vacuum, rock guitar, mug, humidifier, fragrance diffuser x2, sturdy sewing box, tape deck, old-fashioned alarm clock, nail-art set, stand mixer x2, air circulator, mixer, throwback wrestling figure, toolbox, imperial decorative shelves x2, tissue box, breaker, surveillance camera, pot rack, toilet-cleaning set, treadmill, lawn mower, ironing board, studio spotlight, drum set, sleeping bag, mounted blue marlin, lecture hall bench, Mr. Flamingo, popcorn machine, fan palm, floating-biotope planter
wallpaper: monochromatic-tile wall x2, blue tile wall x2, bamboo-screen wall, cute white wall, pastel dotted wall, beaded-curtain wall, black hallway wall, yellow intricate wall, cute red wall, green molded-panel wall, green intricate wall, black-crown wall, pink diner wall, shutter wall
flooring: brown argyle-tile flooring x2, simple blue flooring, black iron-parquet flooring, marine pop flooring, birch flooring, modern wood flooring, dark wood-pattern flooring, stone tile, monochromatic dot flooring, green-paint flooring, cool-paint flooring
rugs: blue stripes rug, red argyle rug x5, blue-design kitchen mat, yellow checked rug x4, blue dotted rug x3, green kilim-style carpet x2, yellow argyle rug, rubber mud mat x2, red dotted rug x2, yellow medium round mat, red-design kitchen mat x2, simple small blue mat, blue shaggy rug x2, simple medium red mat, blue message mat, yellow small round rat
outfits: rugby uniform x2, baseball uniform, jockey uniform x3, stellar jumpsuit, maid dress, mariachi clothing, bathrobe x2, bekasab robe, bohemian tunic dress, astro dress, blossom dress, PJ outfit, Labelle dress, baji jeogori, wrestler uniform, frugal outfit, rad power skirt suit, pajama dress, marble-print dress, shorts outfit, denim overalls, chima jeogori, parka dress, firefighter uniform, baby romper, ancient sashed robe
shirts: kurta, thread-worn sweater x2, football shirt, printed-sleeve sweater, soccer-uniform top x3, baseball shirt, striped shirt, sushi chef's outfit, sweater-vest x2, fitness tank, garden tank x3, sleeved apron, raglan shirt, blossom tee, silk shirt, sparkly embroidered tank, simple parka, sailor's tee, career jacket, peasant blouse x2, flashy jacket, fishing vest x2, striped tank, thick-stripes shirt, leopard tee, animal-stripes tee, chick tee, music-fest shirt, raincoat, bug aloha shirt, sweatshirt, chesterfield coat, track jacket, gilet and shirt, kung-fu tee, dolly shirt, dotted raincoat, sweetheart tank and shirt
pants: dotted shorts, denim pants x2, colorful skirt, multicolor shorts, plover skirt, rain pants, career skirt, boa skirt, traditional monpe pants, sailor skirt, gobelin shorts, sporty skirt, lace shorts, cut-pleather skirt, long sweatskirt, denim cutoffs
accessories: gothic headdress, wrestling mask, cavalier hat, safety helmet, knit hat, jockey's helmet, sports cap, colorful striped knit cap x2, tropical hat, balloon hat, terry-cloth nightcap, scholar's hat, eye patch x2, wooden-frame glasses, square glasses, sporty shades, hand-knit pouch, town backpack, Labelle socks, vivid socks, mixed-tweed socks, Labelle pumps, rubber-toe sneakers, wrestling shoes, leopard pumps, vinyl round-toed pumps
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2020.07.24 02:54 upset-spaghetti [GIVEAWAY] a ton of free items!!

Hi! I'm trying to get rid of things clogging my home storage that I don't need. All are free but unique recipies / mushroom items / NMT / tips are appreciated!
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2020.07.21 14:27 informationterritory Suitable Indian Bridal Attire For A Short, Dark Complexion Woman

Suitable Indian Bridal Attire For A Short, Dark Complexion Woman

Becoming a bride is on every girls priority list at some point of time in her life. And this priority is just not restricted to any caste, creed, color or religion. Being short and dark complexion women does not really cause any hindrance in terms of becoming a bride. All those girls who feel that they won't look nice in their bridal attire just because they are short should better think again because being short and dark could never effect the looks of the bride. What matters most is that you pick yourself right type of bridal attire combined with right hairstyle and proper accessories suiting your complexion and height.
Most women, whether Indian or international prefer to wear Indian bridal attire as they are considered most graceful as compared to any other woman attire. However, these days an endless variety in terms of Indian bridal attire is available to us. One can make a fair choice of which attire to wear suiting their personality hair style with saree for wedding party .
Some girls prefer to go for Indian bridal attires like lehengas while others enjoy wearing a saree or a gown. But in all these cases large-scale preparations are made by near and dear ones. The bride usually follows strict pre bridal make up sessions and then goes for her shopping. But it is advisable for a short dark complexion bride to choose suitable indian bridal attire for themselves with perfect accessories so that they look quite tall and fair on their d-day.
For a dark complexion and short would be bride, it is mandate to know what suits her the best in terms of clothes, color sequence and make up. In case she is unaware about the same, it is sensible that she experiments a few times before her wedding date.
As far as a short and a dark complexioned woman is concerned, it is suggested that she avoids wearing fluorescent colors, clear whites, shades of pink, very light colors and bright yellows. In other words, she should preferably use mid tones of all colors. Shocking fluorescent colors should be avoided at any cost. In addition to this, dark colors like black should not be worn as it would make her look darker. As far as make up is concerned a dark complexion bride should avoid bright make up as it would make her look darker. Indian bridal attires for a dark complexion bride should be neither very dark nor very light coloured. They should be quite with mid tones.
Assuming that the bride is even short in height, she should not wear tight garments. Also semi open necks would give her a better look as in she won't look very plump. Very short or long length would again give her a fat look. Thus, a mediocre length kurta would do justice to her physique. A short bride should prefer to wear some high heels to complement those beautiful Indian bridal attires. But remember they should be equally comfortable in walking. The next big thing that's important for a short bride is her hairstyles. Short brides should always prefer to go for high buns which will make them look taller.
These are just a few things that should be kept in mind while selecting the Indian Bridal Wear for a short and a dark complexioned woman. A bride whether short or dark looks equally beautiful on her d-day as others but what's most important is that your attires, color combinations and accessories should be according to your complexion and physique.
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2020.07.12 20:25 KBC14 YARD SALE!! Looking For: NMTS, bells, wishlist items

Hi, please leave a comment of what you would like and what you can offer in return. Also please check the comments to see what has been sold!
wishlist: https://villagerdb.com/usekatiebc14/list/wishlist
this what I am selling
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2020.06.20 22:52 jsschultz88 [GIVEAWAY] A megaload of furniture, items, interiors, clothes, fossils, wood

Complete list here for easier search:
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2020.06.19 16:46 juli0909 [FS] Clothes/DIY (Cutting Board + Giant Teddy Bear) [LF] Bells/NMT

My storage is filling up, so I thought I’d try to sell some stuff before it goes to the Nooks.
Paradis is undergoing renovations, so I’m mostly looking for bells or NMT.
What I have for sale:
-Camo pants (Red)
-Cheerleading Uniform (Green)
-Comedian’s Outfit (Yellow)
-Cycling Shirt (Pink)
-Gingham Picnic Skirt (Green)
-Groovy Tunic (Blue)
-Floral Lace Dress (Green)
-Frugal Dress (Brown)
-Kurta (Gray)
-Printed Layered Shirt (White)
-Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt (Red)
-Thick-Stripes Shirt (Blue)
-Vest with Binoculars (Blue)
-Cutting Board
-Giant Teddy Bear
-Grass Skirt
-Green-leaf Pile
-Iron Wand
-Log Garden Lounge
-Natural Square Table
-Stone Table
-Wooden Stool
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2020.05.12 07:56 Tofupudding2 Welcome to Yorkland

There is a little diy L1T1 section going on!
Rory is crafting Bamboo wall decoration ~
Nook's has:
• ⁠Imperial bed • cute sofa⁠ (Please let me catalog if you buy it.)
Unlimited items • Paper Tiger • Plasma BallTarten check umbrella • red/yellow tulip
Mabel has:
• ⁠Flight Jacket• ⁠Kurta • ⁠Groovy tunic • Sushi chefs outfit •Gobelin shorts • ⁠Ruffled dress • ⁠Visual punk outfit • ⁠Glengarry
*** Please comment below what u wanna get. I will dm u dodo! Please don’t pick my fruits and flowers. :) **\*
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2020.05.12 07:53 Tofupudding2 Welcome to Yorkland.

There is a little diy L1T1 section going on!
Rory is crafting Bamboo wall decoration ~
Nook's has:
• ⁠Imperial bed • cute sofa⁠ (Please let me catalog if you buy it.)
Unlimited items • Paper Tiger • Plasma BallTarten check umbrella • red/yellow tulip
Mabel has:
• ⁠Flight Jacket• ⁠Kurta • ⁠Groovy tunic • Sushi chefs outfit •Gobelin shorts • ⁠Ruffled dress • ⁠Visual punk outfit • ⁠Glengarry
*** Please comment below what u wanna get. I will dm u dodo! Please don’t pick my fruits and flowers. :) **\*
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2020.04.26 21:54 paulaqvino [FS] List of items shown below [LF] Bells or DIY’s

List of items:
Misc: • 5x Nook Mile Tickets • Tailors Ticket • Customizable Phone Case Kit
Items: • Bamboo Bench • Podium • Rattan low table •Futon • Tatami Bed • Throwback Rocket • Old Sewing Machine •Mic Stand •Ironing board •Pink Upright Vacuum •Chalkboard •Stadiometer • 8x Cardboard boxes • Dish drying rack • 3x ACNH Nintendo Switch • Pink Portable Record Player • Pro Tape Recorder • 2x Magic Kit • Pot Rack • Dark chocolate flooring
Clothes: •Hip wrap shirt • Kurta • Purple Raincoat • Ref Raincoat • Plaid puffed-sleeve shirt • Sleeved apron • Sweater on shirt • Text shirt • Western Shirt • White Young-Royal shirt • Pink Young-Royal shirt •Purple Basketball shorts • Yellow buttoned lace skirt •Polka-dot mini skirt •Alpinist overalls •Baby-chick costume • Green Baseball uniform • Concierge uniform •Firefighter uniform • Pink flower-print dress •Outdoor hat •Pink Kappa cap • Red Power Helmet • Blue Bubblegum •Green Drinking-straw glasses • 2x Shattered glasses
DM if interested or have any questions
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2020.04.15 04:41 Paradoxangel [FST] Long List of Clothes and Furniture [LF] Primarily Bells

Like the title says, I've got a huge list of furniture and clothing I'm looking to offload. I'm primarily seeking bells, but I'll take furniture swaps, DIYs, etc. For some of the clothing, I'm willing to sell multiples for a reasonable price. Less interested in doing catalog swaps, but depending on what you have, I'll consider that, too!

If an item is mentioned in multiple colors, I have it in multiple colors in my inventory. Just specify the color you want.

Aran-knit sweater-Grey
Doctor's Coat- Black necktie
Camo bomber-style jacket- Green
Cardigan-shirt combo- Mint
Detective's Coat- Brown, Beige
Silk Shirt-Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Gym Tee- Blue
Biker Jacket- Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, and Beige
Kurta- Grey, Green, Blue, Beige
Dolly Shirt- Yellow
Heart Apron- Red, Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple
Puffy Vest- Blue
Relay Tank- Orange
Tee-Parka Combo- Orange
Samurai Shirt- White, Red, Golden Yellow, Blue

Apron Skirt- Blue, Purple, Beige
Embroidered Floral Skirt- Blue
Kung-fu pants- White
Muay-thai shorts- Purple
Tiered Skirt- Blue
Pleather skirt (matches Biker Jacket above)- Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, and Beige
Traditional Suketeko Pants- Blue, Purple
Geometric Print Pants- Blue
Long plaid skirt- Green

Rumba Dress- Red, Pink, Orange
Sari- Garnet, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst
Ao Dai- Navy Blue
Chima jeogori- Yellow-Green, Blue
Chiton- White
Dollhouse Dress- Yellow
Full-length dress with pearls- Black
Maid Dress- Red, Pink, Green, Mint, Purple
Nurse's Dress Uniform- Blue

Headwear, Bags, Shoes-
Fedora- White, Grey, Black, Red, Green, Beige
Ribboned straw hat- Pink
Cloth Shoulder Bag- Blue
Ballet slippers- Red
Leopard Pumps- Beige (traditional)
Slip-on Loafers- Blue
Steel-toed boots- Green
Wingtip shoes- Brown
Foldover-top backpack- Pink (pink bunnies)
Jester's shoes- Green
Travel pouch- Pink

Refrigerator- Pink
Stadiometer- Pink
Skeleton- Default
Coffee Cup- Royal
Tricycle- Blue
Football- Default
Rice Cooker- Brown
Tool Shelf- White
Baby Chair- Pink
Espresso Machine- White
Amp- White
Desk Mirror- Blue
Safe- Silver
Fragrance Diffuser- Yellow
Revolving Spice Rack- Orange
Long bathtub- Pink
Pet Bed- Natural
Rocket lamp- Turquoise
Baby Bear- Caramel Mocha and Choco
Globe- Standard
Oil Lamp- Default
Glass holder with Candle- Pink
Outdoor generator- Orange
Hourglass- white with pink sand
Typewriter- Blue
Changing Room-White
Clothes Closet- white
Retro gas pump- yellow
Outdoor air conditioner- white
Corkboard- Natural
Hammock- White
Record box- White
Tool box- Green

Yellow Message Mat
Red Rose Rug
Archaeopteryx fossil
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2020.04.12 21:32 motherofmeow Flowers!

Looking for: White mums White tulips Red lilies All cosmos
My shop currently has Orange and white wildflowers Yellow and red hyacinth Red and white pansy
I can also offer my Mable sisters who have these for sale: Royal shirt Kurta Gothic headress
Please help :)
submitted by motherofmeow to ac_newhorizons [link] [comments]

2020.04.08 12:16 bnylls [FT] Furniture/Clothing/Wallpaper/Flooring [LF] Bells/NMTs

Furniture/misc. available: • Box corner sofa (white) • Natural garden chair x 2 • Velvet stool • Natural garden stool x 2 • Tool cart • Throwback race-car bed (red) • Automatic washer (black) • Tankless toilet • Amp (pink) • Neutral corner • Nail-art set • Macrame tapestry
Wallpaper: • Blackboard wall • Tree-lined wall
Flooring: • Blue desert-tile flooring • Construction-site flooring • Field flooring • Yellow-design kitchen mat • Blue medium round mat
Clothing: • Comedian’s outfit (green) • Fishing vest (red) • Kurta (green) • Raglan tee • Rubber apron (black) • Bunny day crown • DAL eye mask • Stretch leggings (brown)
Make me an offer :)
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2020.04.03 10:46 BeautifulHippogriff [FT] Fossils/shopping trip/blossom crafting [LF] Fossils I don't have/tips/one red cosmos

Able sisters are selling a bunch of cute stuff (in my opinion) including:
Kurtas, raincoats, waistcoats, suspenders (Dr Who cosplay?), china jeogori, soft-serve hats, baby bonnets, moccasins, rubber toe shoes.
Fossils I have:
Pachy skull
Opthalmo skull
Parasaur skull
Archelon skull
Diplo chest
Ankylo tail
Plesio tail
Left quetzal skull
Fossils I need:
Sabertooth body
Optho body/tail
Diplo tail
Plesio skull
Spino body (again back half)
T-rex body
Pteranodon body/skull
Dimetron (not the torso)
I can also craft these if you bring materials: cherry blossom (CB) pond stone, CB brances, (CB) outdoor picnic set, sakura-wood wall, CB flooring, CB pochette, woodland wall, jungle flooring, bamboo-grove wall, shell bed, shell arch, bamboo noodle slide.
Nook's has: yellow and white mums, yellow and white hyacinths, orange and red windflowers.
Come and admire my island (I just got terraforming!), but please don't pick/trample my flowers, shake my trees or talk to my residents. Tips appreciated. Hoping to do a 1:1 trade with the fossils but will sell for 50k each OBO.
Comment if you'd like to come and I'll send you a dodo code.
submitted by BeautifulHippogriff to ACTrade [link] [comments]

2020.04.01 14:54 New_Game_Plus [LF] NMT, White Furniture [FT] Lots of clothing/furniture

Throwback Gothic Mirror
Sewing Project (Blue)
Sturdy Sewing Box (Brown)
Coffee Grinder
Dish Drying Rack (Black)
Handy Water Cooler
Knife Block (Black)
Microwave (Red)
Mixer (White with yellow cap)
Revolving Spice Rack (Light Brown)
Rice Cooker (White)
Simple Kettle (Blue)
Simple Kettle (Green)
Coffee Cup (yellow)
Coffee Cup (Brown/White)
Tea Set (Red)
Tea Set (Blue)
Oil lamp
Portable Record Player (Pink)
Pro Tape Recorder
Tape Deck (White)
Throwback skull radio
Digital Alarm Clock (White/yellow)
Ironing Set
Moss ball
Succulent Plant
Cartoonist Set
Essay Set
Fortune Telling Set
Homework Set
Electronics Kit
Lab Experiments Set
Baby Bear
Baby Panda
Board Game
Magic Kit
Throwback Wrestling Figure
Unfinished Puzzle
Ball (Basketball)
Protein Shaker Bottle (Black)
Protein Shaker Bottle (White)
Pot Rack (Brown)
Pot Rack (White)
Writing Poster (Red)
Writing Poster (Constellation?)
Gears (Black)
Party Garland (Red)
Tree Lined Wall
Backyard Fence Wall (Ani)
Mossy Garden Floor
Dig site floor
Oasis Floor (ani)
Lava Floor (ani)
Bold Aloha Shirt (Pink)
Bold Aloha Shirt (Blue)
Cafe Uniform (Black)
Cafe Uniform (Red)
Cafe Uniform (Green)
Cafe Uniform (Orange)
Cavalier Set (Red, Green, Blue)
Coatigan (Grey)
College Cardigan (Red, Yellow, Blue)
Colorful Striped Sweater (All Colors)
Diner Apron (Black, Red, Pink, Yellow)
Diner Apron (Teal, Blue, Beige)
Energetic Sweater (Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple)
Fischerhemd (Blue)
Gingham Pinic Shirt (All Colors)
Graduation Gown (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Gym Tee (Blue)
Kids Smock (pink & green)
Kurta (Grey)
Military Uniform (Blue, Red)
Muscle Tank (Pink)
Nurse Tank (White)
Nurse Tank (Black)
Prince's Tunic (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown)
Printed Sleeve Sweater (Black)
Rain Coat (Black & Yellow)
Samurai Shirt (Red)
School Jacket (Black)
Simple Parka (Pink)
Staff Uniform (Pink, Yellow, Blue)
Sushi Chef's Outfit (White, Blue)
Sweater Vest (Yellow, Grey, Brown, Blue)
Sweatshirt (Olive Green)
Sweater Tank and Shirt (Grey, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue)
Tee Parka (Pink, Orange, Lime Green, mint Green, blue)
Thief's Costume
Top Coat (Pink, Blue, Orange, Beige)
Vampire Costume (Black)
Viking Top (All)
Waist Coat (Grey, Black, light Brown)
Work Short (Black)
Young Royal Shirt (Baby Blue)
Athletic Pants (Red)
Denim Cutoffs (Dark Blue)
Dotted Shorts (Grey, Black)
Frilly Skirt (Pink, Orange)
Gaucho Pants (Grey, Pink, Green, Blue, Brown)
Long Pleated skirt (yellow)
Pleather Flare Skirt (Black, Orange, Brown)
Silk Pants (Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Traditional Suteteko Pants (Pink, Yellow, Green)
Traditional Suteteko Pants (Light Blue, Blue, Purple)
Ancient Belted Robe (All)
Bathrobe (White, Black)
Casual Kimono (Green, Light Blue, Blue, Olive Green)
Chima Jeogori (All)
Denim Overalls (All)
Dreamy Dress (All)
Fleece Pjs (pink, cream)
Frog costume (Red, Green)
Frugal Dress (All)
Lace Up Dress (All)
Mage's Robe (All)
Morning Glory Yukata (All)
Mummy outfit
Nightgown (All)
Overall Dress (All)
Pajama Dress (All)
Sheep Costume (All)
Simple Visiting Kimono (All)
Sprite Costume (All)
Sweetheart Dress (All)
Toga (All)
Tuna-Sushi Costume
Wizard Robe (Blue, Purple)
Bunny Ears (Black, Red, Pink, Blue)
Eggshell (White)
Frugal Hat (Green, Brown)
Imitation Cow Skull
Rain Hat (All)
Ribbon (All)
Soft Serve Hat (All)
Star hairpin (All)
Terry Cloth Nightcap
Viking Helmet (all)
Wide brim straw hat (all)
Zen hair clip (all)
Bear Cap (All)
Bun Wig (All)
Gothic Headdress (All)
Headband (Pink)
Hot dog Hood
Imp Hood (Red/Purple)
Ninja Hood (All)
Sheep Hood (All)
Skeleton Hood
Welding Mask
Zap Helmet (All)
Bubblegum (White, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Bunny Nose (All)
Cat Nose (All)
Cucumber Pack
Curly Mustache
Dog Nose (Black)
Drinking Straw (White, Pink, Green, Blue)
Gas Mask (Black, Green)
Jester Mask (All)
Pig Nose
Pixel Shade (All)
Post OP Patch
Privacy Mask
Round Shades (Black)
Square Glasses (Silver, Black, Blue)
Sticky Rice
Wooden Frame Glasses (Black, Brown)
Argyle crew Socks (White, Grey, Red, Pink)
Embroidered Flower Tights (All)
Frilly Socks (All)
Neon Tights (All)
Striped Socks (Black, Orange, Yellow, Purple)
Vivid Tights (All)
Basketball shoes (All)
Hi tech sneakers (All)
High Tops (All)
House Slippers (All)
Mage's Booties (Red)
Mary Jane's (All)
Paw Slippers (White)
Town Backpack (orange, teal)
Ghost Umbrella
Watermelon Umbrella
Cloth Shoulder Bag (White, Blue)
Zori (Blue, Black, Pink, Orange, Red)
Birdhouse DIY
Orange Wall Mounted Clock DIY
Bamboo Wand DIY
Aroma Pot DIY
Peach Dress DIY
Iron Garden Chair DIY
Windflower Wreath (DIY)
Pot (DIY)
Butter Churn (DIY)
Log Garden Lounge (DIY)
Nook Tickets
Natural Garden Table DIY
Natural Garden Chair DIY
Ironwood Table DIY (Both Variations)
Happi (All)
White Fridge
Zen Cushion
ICE cream Lamp (All)
Mom Birthday Cakes (Any Except Chocolate)
Cute Furniture
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2020.03.28 07:13 np99sky [FT] Rare clothes [LF] cool clothes/furni

I have a pretty extensive list of clothes, some hard to find. Check below! Looking for any cool clothes or furniture I don't have – it can be absolutely anything. Some things I need: stone lion dog, pile of zen cushions, tiny library, speed bag, acoustic guitar, saxophone, arcade seat, elaborate kimono stand (any color), lucky cat.
I'm happy to redrop your item if you have fun stuff, I just want to build my catalog.
You might have to give me some time to order on catalog for certain items. Most are ready to go.

FOR TRADE (things I have):
butterfly visiting kimono (black w yellow sash, navy w teal sash, maroon w light blue sash), hot dog costume, visual punk wig/outfit, Ao dai (blue), attus robe (blue), bear cap, bear costume, casual kimono (dark green, light blue, navy, dark tannish), cavalier shirt, chef's outfit, china poblana dress, composer's wig, detective's hat, detective's coat (light tan/khaki), diner uniform (teal), doctor's mask, doublet, eggshell, elegant dress, elegant hat, fairy tale dress, fairy tale umbrella, fischerhemd, fox mask (white and black), frog cap, frog costume, gothic headdress, jester's shoes, mage's shoes, junihitoe kimono, tabi (blue), kimono sandals (pink straps), kurta, kungfu tee, miko attire, noh mask, pinafore, power boots/helmet/suit, princess dress, renaissance dress, samurai shirt/greaves, silk floral print shirt (asian, pink), viking helmet, zap helmet
sorry for formatting on clothes list, figuring it out.
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2020.03.23 11:38 jaipurkurti01 New Stylish Mustard Yellow Kurta With Pant Set

New Stylish Mustard Yellow Kurta With Pant Set
Get ignited by wearing the mesmerizing mustard yellow A-line kurta with embroidery detailing on front yoke along with potli buttons, embroidery detailing on sleeves, side pocket, side slit. It will give you a lavishing look added with a flavour of handcrafted work.
Visit now :- https://www.jaipurkurti.com/

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Try On : Huge Kurti Haul  Myntra/Jabong Kurta Haul  Office/College/Casual W For Woman Kurtis 2019 // 50%offer On W Brand // Shopping Haul In Tamil Yellow (Sing & Read Literacy Series) - YouTube 140 Exclusive Yellow Kurti Designs Chitta Kurta (Full video) Karan Aujla feat. Gurlez Akhtar ... Flipkart and Myntra kurta haul KURTI STYLING -jeans/yellow/grey/brown/red kurta - YouTube YELLOW KURTI HAUL PART 2!! FLIPKART KURTA/KURTI HAUL 2020 ... 2020 Yellow dresses design Yellow dressYellow kurti ...

Buy W Yellow Printed Kurta for Women Online @ Tata CLiQ

  1. Try On : Huge Kurti Haul Myntra/Jabong Kurta Haul Office/College/Casual
  2. W For Woman Kurtis 2019 // 50%offer On W Brand // Shopping Haul In Tamil
  3. Yellow (Sing & Read Literacy Series) - YouTube
  4. 140 Exclusive Yellow Kurti Designs
  5. Chitta Kurta (Full video) Karan Aujla feat. Gurlez Akhtar ...
  6. Flipkart and Myntra kurta haul
  7. KURTI STYLING -jeans/yellow/grey/brown/red kurta - YouTube
  9. 2020 Yellow dresses design Yellow dressYellow kurti ...

yellow kurta. yellow dresses, #yellowdress2020 yellow kapre yellow mayun dress,. mehendi yellow dresses.. mayun yellow dress ideas. mayun dresses/mehndi dres... 1. W Musturd yellow Kurta : 819/-RS ( Couldn’t find the same design of kurta) 2. Libas sea Green anarkali Kurta : 750/-RS 3. Libas Black Jacket Style kurta (Discontinued ) 4. Nayo Yellow cold ... This video is about combination of different kurti and using it to an optimum level and about some tips to have that elegant, classy appearance. 140 Exclusive Yellow Kurti Designs Singer / lyrics / composer : karan Aujla / Feat / Gurlez Akhtar Music : Deep Jandu Video : Sukh Sanghera Producer : Sandeep Rehaan Project By : Deep Rehaan &... Check this out W Women Mustard Yellow Solid Straight Kurta https://www.myntra.com/topwear/w/w-women-mustard-yellow-solid-straight-kurta/6920197/buy on Myntra... Hey Hello guys Hope you all are doing good Today's video is all about my yellow Kurti haul part 2.hope you love it. if yes than don't forget to share like an... 'Yellow' from the Frog Street Sing & Read Literacy Series. Download the Activity: http://www.frogstreet.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/yellow.pdf Learn more:... 💕Amazon Kurta Palazzo dupatta Hauls Under 750/-Amazon Festive kurta haul, Online shopping Review 💕 - Duration: 6:37. Online Shopping Review With Kinjal 614,128 views 6:37