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2020.10.21 01:46 John_Charles_Fremont /r/neoliberal elects the American Presidents - Part 54, Obama v McCain in 2008

Previous editions:
(All strawpoll results counted as of the next post made)
Part 1, Adams v Jefferson in 1796 - Adams wins with 68% of the vote
Part 2, Adams v Jefferson in 1800 - Jefferson wins with 58% of the vote
Part 3, Jefferson v Pinckney in 1804 - Jefferson wins with 57% of the vote
Part 4, Madison v Pinckney (with George Clinton protest) in 1808 - Pinckney wins with 45% of the vote
Part 5, Madison v (DeWitt) Clinton in 1812 - Clinton wins with 80% of the vote
Part 6, Monroe v King in 1816 - Monroe wins with 51% of the vote
Part 7, Monroe and an Era of Meta Feelings in 1820 - Monroe wins with 100% of the vote
Part 8, Democratic-Republican Thunderdome in 1824 - Adams wins with 55% of the vote
Part 9, Adams v Jackson in 1828 - Adams wins with 94% of the vote
Part 10, Jackson v Clay (v Wirt) in 1832 - Clay wins with 53% of the vote
Part 11, Van Buren v The Whigs in 1836 - Whigs win with 87% of the vote, Webster elected
Part 12, Van Buren v Harrison in 1840 - Harrison wins with 90% of the vote
Part 13, Polk v Clay in 1844 - Polk wins with 59% of the vote
Part 14, Taylor v Cass in 1848 - Taylor wins with 44% of the vote (see special rules)
Part 15, Pierce v Scott in 1852 - Scott wins with 78% of the vote
Part 16, Buchanan v Frémont v Fillmore in 1856 - Frémont wins with 95% of the vote
Part 17, Peculiar Thunderdome in 1860 - Lincoln wins with 90% of the vote.
Part 18, Lincoln v McClellan in 1864 - Lincoln wins with 97% of the vote.
Part 19, Grant v Seymour in 1868 - Grant wins with 97% of the vote.
Part 20, Grant v Greeley in 1872 - Grant wins with 96% of the vote.
Part 21, Hayes v Tilden in 1876 - Hayes wins with 87% of the vote.
Part 22, Garfield v Hancock in 1880 - Garfield wins with 67% of the vote.
Part 23, Cleveland v Blaine in 1884 - Cleveland wins with 53% of the vote.
Part 24, Cleveland v Harrison in 1888 - Harrison wins with 64% of the vote.
Part 25, Cleveland v Harrison v Weaver in 1892 - Harrison wins with 57% of the vote
Part 26, McKinley v Bryan in 1896 - McKinley wins with 71% of the vote
Part 27, McKinley v Bryan in 1900 - Bryan wins with 55% of the vote
Part 28, Roosevelt v Parker in 1904 - Roosevelt wins with 71% of the vote
Part 29, Taft v Bryan in 1908 - Taft wins with 64% of the vote
Part 30, Taft v Wilson v Roosevelt in 1912 - Roosevelt wins with 81% of the vote
Part 31, Wilson v Hughes in 1916 - Hughes wins with 62% of the vote
Part 32, Harding v Cox in 1920 - Cox wins with 68% of the vote
Part 33, Coolidge v Davis v La Follette in 1924 - Davis wins with 47% of the vote
Part 34, Hoover v Smith in 1928 - Hoover wins with 50.2% of the vote
Part 35, Hoover v Roosevelt in 1932 - Roosevelt wins with 85% of the vote
Part 36, Landon v Roosevelt in 1936 - Roosevelt wins with 75% of the vote
Part 37, Willkie v Roosevelt in 1940 - Roosevelt wins with 56% of the vote
Part 38, Dewey v Roosevelt in 1944 - Dewey wins with 50.2% of the vote
Part 39, Dewey v Truman in 1948 - Truman wins with 65% of the vote
Part 40, Eisenhower v Stevenson in 1952 - Eisenhower wins with 69% of the vote
Part 41, Eisenhower v Stevenson in 1956 - Eisenhower wins with 60% of the vote
Part 42, Kennedy v Nixon in 1960 - Kennedy wins with 63% of the vote
Part 43, Johnson v Goldwater in 1964 - Johnson wins with 87% of the vote
Part 44, Nixon v Humphrey in 1968 - Humphrey wins with 60% of the vote
Part 45, Nixon v McGovern in 1972 - Nixon wins with 56% of the vote
Part 46, Carter v Ford in 1976 - Carter wins with 71% of the vote
Part 47 - Carter v Reagan v Anderson in 1980 - Carter wins with 44% of the vote
Part 48, Reagan v Mondale in 1984 - Mondale wins with 55% of the vote
Part 49, Bush v Dukakis in 1988 - Bush wins with 54% of the vote
Part 50, Bush v Clinton v Perot in 1992 - Clinton wins with 71% of the vote
Part 51, Clinton v Dole in 1996 - Clinton wins with 91% of the vote
Part 52, Bush v Gore in 2000 - Gore wins with 88% of the vote
Part 53, Bush v Kerry in 2004 - Kerry wins with 89% of the vote
Welcome back to the fifty-fourth edition of /neoliberal elects the American presidents!
This will be a fairly consistent weekly thing - every week, a new election, until we run out.
I highly encourage you - at least in terms of the vote you cast - to try to think from the perspective of the year the election was held, without knowing the future or how the next administration would go. I'm not going to be trying to enforce that, but feel free to remind fellow commenters of this distinction.
If you're really feeling hardcore, feel free to even speak in the present tense as if the election is truly upcoming!
Whether third and fourth candidates are considered "major" enough to include in the strawpoll will be largely at my discretion and depend on things like whether they were actually intending to run for President, and whether they wound up actually pulling in a meaningful amount of the popular vote and even electoral votes. I may also invoke special rules in how the results will be interpreted in certain elections to better approximate historical reality.
While I will always give some brief background info to spur the discussion, please don't hesitate to bring your own research and knowledge into the mix! There's no way I'll cover everything!
John McCain v Barack Obama, 2008
  • John McCain is the 72-year-old Republican candidate and a US Senator from Arizona. His running mate is Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.
  • Barack Obama is the 47-year-old Democratic candidate and a US Senator from Illinois. His running mate is US Senator from Delaware Joe Biden.
Issues and Background
  • The United States and other countries are in the midst of what many are describing as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The crisis was largely triggered by a collapse in home prices, which in turn caused securities tied directly or indirectly to real estate to plummet in value. In September, major investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. A day later, the Federal Reserve bailed out and essentially took control of insurance giant AIG. Credit markets were on the brink of meltdown. In early October, Congress passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which created an enormous government program to purchase "toxic assets" from banks and significantly increased the amount of insurance provided by the FDIC. Both McCain and Obama supported this rescue plan. Liquidity appears to have been restored, but the economic situation is still otherwise dire.
    • Senator Obama has described the current crisis as a "final verdict on eight years of failed economic policies promoted by George Bush, supported by Senator McCain, a theory that basically says that we can shred regulations and consumer protections and give more and more to the most, and somehow prosperity will trickle down." Obama has spoken of the importance of oversight over the TARP $700 billion, of the possibility of getting that money back, of making sure none of that money is going to executive pay or executive severance packages, and of following up the package with help for homeowners.
    • Senator McCain has said that what distinguishes him from Senator Obama on how he will lead the country out of the economic crisis is his commitment to get government spending under control. McCain has proposed a one-year spending freeze on "non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending." McCain has criticized Senator Obama for supporting "pork-barrel spending" in the past.
  • The US occupation of Iraq continues. Last year, the Bush Administration oversaw a troop surge, and the conventional wisdom is that the situation has generally improved as a result. There are some indications that the security situation is improving and that the training of the new Iraqi military is working. That said, pressure on the US to withdraw has increased, as the Iraqi government has sought a withdrawal timetable and the US coalition partners have begun their own withdraw. Security responsibility for several provinces has already been transferred from US forces to Iraqi forces. However, earlier this year, General David Petraeus called for the delaying of troop withdrawals.
    • Both candidates accuse the other of failures of judgement. Senator Obama has criticized McCain sharply for supporting invading Iraq in the first place, while Senator McCain has criticized Obama for not supporting the 2007 surge. On the latter point, in January 2007 Senator Obama's stance was:
      The need to bring this war to an end is here. That is why today I am introducing the Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007. This plan would not only place a cap on the number of troops in Iraq and stop the escalation: more importantly, it would begin a phased redeployment of United States forced with the goal of removing all United States combat forces from Iraq by March 31, 2008.
    • Early this year, Democrats seized on a statement from Senator McCain in which he indicated that he would be comfortable with an American presence in Iraq for "maybe 100" years. He has stood by the comments, saying he was referring to a presence comparable to what the US has had in South Korea, Germany, and Japan.
    • Under the Obama plan for Iraq, a phased withdrawal of most troops would begin which would likely remove the US troop presence by summer of 2010. A residual force would remain "to conduct targeted counter-terrorism missions against al Qaeda in Iraq and to protect American diplomatic and civilian personnel."
    • Under the McCain plan for Iraq, the US would not leave Iraq "before Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated and before a competent, trained, and capable Iraqi security force is in place and operating effectively."
  • Sarah Palin has received a significant amount of both positive and negative attention relative to most VP nominees. Supporters praise her history as a reformer, her advocacy for families with special needs children, and her ability to energize parts of the Republican base. However, critics have raised questions about her knowledge of policy and her readiness to be President if it became necessary. Some in the media have expressed frustration at their limited access to Governor Palin. This scrutiny increased following a poorly received interview with Katie Couric which included the following exchanges:
    COURIC: You've cited Alaska's proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience. What did you mean by that?
    PALIN: That Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and on our other side, the land boundary that we have with Canada ... We have trade missions back and forth. We -- we do -- it's very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where -- where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to -- to our state.
    COURIC: What other Supreme Court decisions do you disagree with?
    PALIN: Well, let’s see. There’s, of course in the great history of America there have been rulings, that’s never going to be absolute consensus by every American. And there are those issues, again, like Roe v. Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So you know, going through the history of America, there would be others but …
    COURIC: Can you think of any?
    PALIN: Well, I could think of … any again, that could be best dealt with on a more local level. Maybe I would take issue with. But, you know, as mayor, and then as governor and even as a vice president, if I’m so privileged to serve, wouldn’t be in a position of changing those things but in supporting the law of the land as it reads today.
    COURIC: And when it comes to establishing your worldview, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the world?
    PALIN: I’ve read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media.
    COURIC: What, specifically?
    PALIN: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years.
    COURIC: Can you name a few?
    PALIN: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too. Alaska isn’t a foreign country, where it’s kind of suggested, “Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?”
  • Health care reform has come up frequently on the campaign trail. Both candidates recognize a need to increase coverage and lower costs.
    • The Obama plan includes requiring health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, a tax credit to incentivize small businesses to provide health coverage, requirements on large employers to provide health coverage or otherwise contribute financially to their employee's health care, and "a National Health Insurance Exchange with a range of private insurance options as well as a new public plan based on benefits available to members of Congress."
    • The McCain plan is to offer "a direct refundable tax credit ... of $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families to offset the cost of insurance" and promote health savings accounts. McCain also seeks to make it easier to purchase health insurance across state lines.
  • Attention has also been given to the candidate's differing tax plans.
    • The Obama tax plan is to cut taxes for the middle class further than the Bush tax cuts did, while increasing taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans back to levels as they were in the 1990s. Senator Obama also seeks to implement a universal 10% mortgage interest tax credit, the elimination of income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 a year, and an expansion of the EITC.
    • The McCain tax plan is to preserve all of the Bush tax cuts, phase out the Alternative Minimum Tax, cut the corporate tax rate to 25%, and establish a large R&D tax credit. Senator McCain also pledges to keep the Internet free of taxes.
    • In October at a campaign stop, Senator Obama was confronted by Joe Wurzelbacher, who has since become known colloquially as "Joe the Plumber", with concerns that he would be taxed more if Senator Obama were to become President. More recently, Wurzelbacher has made joint appearances with John McCain on the campaign trail. The McCain campaign has in particular seized on Obama's comment to Joe that "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."
  • McCain, currently 72, would be the oldest first-term President if elected. McCain gave reporters an opportunity to review his full medical records, which showed that he is generally in good health and has relatively low risk of heart disease despite slightly elevated cholesterol and past issues with skin cancer.
  • If elected, Senator Obama would be the first African-American President of the United States. Obama was born in Hawaii, the son of a Kenyan economist and an anthropologist from Kansas. While many find the possibility of the first African-American President inspiring, particularly when combined with the optimistic rhetoric of Senator Obama's campaign, his identity has also been related to unique challenges for him during the campaign. Members of his own party during the primary implied that his success in the race was mainly due to his race. Former VP nominee Geraldine Ferraro said:
    If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.
    Senator Biden, now Obama's running mate, said:
    I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man.
    In addition, Senator Obama has faced false rumors that he was born in Kenya and that he is not Christian. Some argue that the spread of these rumors is motivated partially or entirely by racism.
  • Republicans have argued that Senator Obama is connected to problematic persons and organizations.
    • Roughly 40 years ago, now-professor Bill Ayers was a leading member of the militant Weather Underground Organization, which conducted a bombing campaign of targeting government buildings and financial institutions. Ayers first met Barack Obama through a non-profit reform project's board of directors, and later hosted a small informal event where a departing State Senator introduced Obama as her chosen successor. Through each of their active involvements in Chicago events and initiatives, they would serve on a couple of the same boards and panels in the years afterwards. There is virtually no evidence to support some Republican claims that Ayers was some sort of political adviser to Obama, who has referred to Ayers as "somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8."
    • Senator Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has been the subject of controversy related to several sermon excerpts. The excerpts include claims that the government lied about its advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor, that the government lied about "inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color," and his comment that "America's chickens are coming home to roost," interpreted by some to be referring to the 9/11 attacks given the date of the sermon. President Obama addressed the issue in a broader speech on race in March of this year. Senator Obama stated:
      I have already condemned, in unequivocal terms, the statements of Reverend Wright that have caused such controversy. For some, nagging questions remain. Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely—just as I'm sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests, or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed.
      I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother—a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe. These people are a part of me. And they are a part of America, this country that I love.
    • Pro-labor NGO ACORN has been accused by Republicans of orchestrating voter fraud, though further investigation has revealed this claim to be overstated at best. ACORN has hired people in the past to assist in voter registration, and sometimes these workers have come up with phony registrations - however, this issue seems to be motivated by laziness of individual workers rather than an attempt to conduct voter fraud. Obama served as a local counsel for ACORN in the 90s, and was endorsed by the ACORN political action committee during the primary. The Obama campaign also hired an ACORN affiliate for get-out-the-vote efforts during the primary.
  • Representative John Lewis, a civil rights icon, has received blowback for comments he made regarding the tone of the McCain/Palin campaign. Lewis accused the campaign of "sowing the seeds of hatred and division," and brought up the example of George Wallace never throwing a bomb or firing a gun but creating "the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans." McCain called the comments "hurtful" and called on Senator Obama to repudiate the comments. The Obama campaign has said that the comparison made by Rep. Lewis was inappropriate.
  • Senator McCain describes himself as a "free trader" and has criticized Senator Obama for opposing some free trade agreements. The Obama team has pledged to "use trade agreements to spread good labor and environmental standards around the world and stand firm against agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement that fail to live up to those important benchmarks." Senator Obama has also pledged to "fix" NAFTA.
Debate Excerpts
First Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Obama on government spending:
John, it's been your president who you said you agreed with 90 percent of the time who presided over this increase in spending. This orgy of spending and enormous deficits you voted for almost all of his budgets. So to stand here and after eight years and say that you're going to lead on controlling spending and, you know, balancing our tax cuts so that they help middle class families when over the last eight years that hasn't happened I think just is, you know, kind of hard to swallow.
(2) McCain on Iraq:
I think the lessons of Iraq are very clear that you cannot have a failed strategy that will then cause you to nearly lose a conflict. Our initial military success, we went in to Baghdad and everybody celebrated. And then the war was very badly mishandled. I went to Iraq in 2003 and came back and said, we've got to change this strategy. This strategy requires additional troops, it requires a fundamental change in strategy and I fought for it. And finally, we came up with a great general and a strategy that has succeeded.
(3) Obama on meeting foreign adversaries "without precondition":
I reserve the right, as president of the United States to meet with anybody at a time and place of my choosing if I think it's going to keep America safe ... Now, understand what this means "without preconditions." It doesn't mean that you invite them over for tea one day. What it means is that we don't do what we've been doing, which is to say, "Until you agree to do exactly what we say, we won't have direct contacts with you."
(4) McCain on Iran:
My reading of the threat from Iran is that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it is an existential threat to the State of Israel and to other countries in the region because the other countries in the region will feel compelling requirement to acquire nuclear weapons as well.
Now we cannot have a second Holocaust. Let's just make that very clear. What I have proposed for a long time, and I've had conversation with foreign leaders about forming a league of democracies, let's be clear and let's have some straight talk. The Russians are preventing significant action in the United Nations Security Council.
Vice-Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Biden on what his administration would look like if a President Obama were to die in office:
God forbid that would ever happen, it would be a national tragedy of historic proportions if it were to happen.
But if it did, I would carry out Barack Obama's policy, his policies of reinstating the middle class, making sure they get a fair break, making sure they have access to affordable health insurance, making sure they get serious tax breaks, making sure we can help their children get to college, making sure there is an energy policy that leads us in the direction of not only toward independence and clean environment but an energy policy that creates 5 million new jobs, a foreign policy that ends this war in Iraq, a foreign policy that goes after the one mission the American public gave the president after 9/11, to get and capture or kill bin Laden and to eliminate al Qaeda. A policy that would in fact engage our allies in making sure that we knew we were acting on the same page and not dictating.
(2) Palin on what her administration would look like if a President McCain were to die in office:
And heaven forbid, yes, that would ever happen, no matter how this ends up, that that would ever happen with either party.
As for disagreeing with John McCain and how our administration would work, what do you expect? A team of mavericks, of course we're not going to agree on 100 percent of everything. As we discuss ANWR there, at least we can agree to disagree on that one. I will keep pushing him on ANWR. I have so appreciated he has never asked me to check my opinions at the door and he wants a deliberative debate and healthy debate so we can make good policy.
What I would do also, if that were to ever happen, though, is to continue the good work he is so committed to of putting government back on the side of the people and get rid of the greed and corruption on Wall Street and in Washington.
Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall) (full transcript)
(1) McCain on nuclear energy:
But we kept the debate going, and we kept this issue to -- to posing to Americans the danger that climate change opposes. Now, how -- what's -- what's the best way of fixing it? Nuclear power. Senator Obama says that it has to be safe or disposable or something like that. Look, I -- I was on Navy ships that had nuclear power plants. Nuclear power is safe, and it's clean, and it creates hundreds of thousands of jobs.
(2) Obama on McCain's criticism that he's being reckless on foreign policy:
Senator McCain, this is the guy who sang, "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," who called for the annihilation of North Korea. That I don't think is an example of "speaking softly." This is the person who, after we had -- we hadn't even finished Afghanistan, where he said, "Next up, Baghdad."
(3) McCain on Russia:
I said before, watch Ukraine. Ukraine, right now, is in the sights of Vladimir Putin, those that want to reassemble the old Soviet Union. We've got to show moral support for Georgia.We've got to show moral support for Ukraine. We've got to advocate for their membership in NATO. We have to make the Russians understand that there are penalties for these this kind of behavior, this kind of naked aggression into Georgia, a tiny country and a tiny democracy.
(4) Obama on spending priorities:
You know, you may have seen your health care premiums go up. We've got to reform health care to help you and your budget. We are going to have to deal with energy because we can't keep on borrowing from the Chinese and sending money to Saudi Arabia. We are mortgaging our children's future. We've got to have a different energy plan. We've got to invest in college affordability. So we're going to have to make some investments, but we've also got to make spending cuts. And what I've proposed, you'll hear Senator McCain say, well, he's proposing a whole bunch of new spending, but actually I'm cutting more than I'm spending so that it will be a net spending cut.
Third Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) McCain on Obama's economic plans:
I don't think there's any doubt that Sen. Obama wants to restrict trade and he wants to raise taxes. And the last president of the United States that tried that was Herbert Hoover, and we went from a deep recession into a depression.
(2) Obama on comments by Congressman Lewis:
I mean, look, if we want to talk about Congressman Lewis, who is an American hero, he, unprompted by my campaign, without my campaign's awareness, made a statement that he was troubled with what he was hearing at some of the rallies that your running mate was holding, in which all the Republican reports indicated were shouting, when my name came up, things like "terrorist" and "kill him," and that your running mate didn't mention, didn't stop, didn't say "Hold on a second, that's kind of out of line."
(3) McCain on Obama's connections:
I don't care about an old washed-up terrorist [Bill Ayers]. But as Sen. Clinton said in her debates with you, we need to know the full extent of that relationship.
We need to know the full extent of Sen. Obama's relationship with ACORN, who is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy. The same front outfit organization that your campaign gave $832,000 for "lighting and site selection." So all of these things need to be examined, of course.
(4) Obama on who he associates with:
Let me tell you who I associate with. On economic policy, I associate with Warren Buffett and former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker. If I'm interested in figuring out my foreign policy, I associate myself with my running mate, Joe Biden or with Dick Lugar, the Republican ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, or General Jim Jones, the former supreme allied commander of NATO.
Those are the people, Democrats and Republicans, who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House. And I think the fact that this has become such an important part of your campaign, Sen. McCain, says more about your campaign than it says about me.
Read the full 2008 Republican platform here.
Read the full 2008 Democratic platform here.
Internet Resources
Obama/Biden Website
McCain/Palin Website
The GOP's BarackBook
The Obama Campaign's Fight the Smears
First Presidential Debate
Vice-Presidential Debate
Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall)
Third Presidential Debate
Obama "same path" ad
Obama "McCain tax" ad
Obama "something" ad
McCain "fight" ad
McCain anti-Obama "celebrity" ad
McCain anti-Obama Bill Ayers ad
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2020.10.21 00:51 Accomplished-Slip592 Managing Attrition and Vacation Schedules

Looking for some advice from other managers in a situation I'm currently facing - appreciate any and all inputs!
I currently manage a team of 5 that performs a niche role in my firm. Recently one of my experienced team members left for another role. This week I found out that another experienced team member will be leaving in 2 weeks. Her end date is at the same time I'm scheduled to go on vacation for 2 weeks.
I have hired one replacement (we'll call her Sarah) who has significant managerial experience and who came to my team from a nearby department. She has only been on the team for a few weeks so is still training on our processes. It is unlikely that I will be able to get a 2nd replacement hired before the start of my vacation.
Normally when I'm out on vacation I would hand day to day managerial responsibility (escalations/capacity management/monitoring of all team member's activities) to the 2 experienced team members. However given I won't be able to utilize them, I'm thinking of utilizing Sarah to manage this, as my ultimate end goal for her is to take over my role in the team. However I'm hesitant given her short tenure with the team, and how that may impact her ability to complete these tasks successfully. Looking for feedback on this approach? And additionally what I can do to support her in the next 2 weeks before my vacation starts?
For some additional context the team is currently very busy and morale has been lower than normal. The news that we have another person leaving will definitely be a blow to the team. My other team members have the experience to complete the job, but I do not feel I could rely on them to complete managerial tasks without feeling overwhelmed and reducing morale further.
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2020.10.21 00:45 cheryldlovejoy Your Astrology Language Reviews: Accurate Zodiac Sign Readings?

Your Astrology Language Reviews: Accurate Zodiac Sign Readings?
“Your Astrology Language” is a product and website founded by astrological expert Sarah Lee, who has devoted her life to understanding the mystical connection between the heavens and our own bodies. Specializing in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui since her studying began in the 1980s, the same readings and expert advice are offered to Sarah’s customers. The site and shop offer many single healing products such as crystals, guides, and charms to help soothe one’s soul. The product in question here is Sarah Lee’s reading and guides.
Your Astrology Language is a service that uses Chinese zodiac signs and readings of the four obstacles that consumers may be facing. This answer is based specifically on their Chinese zodiac sign and the consumer’s birthdate as a way to detail the possible problems, what is in store for the future, their love life, and more that individuals could face in their future.
What Exactly is Astrology?
Astrology believes that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual’s mood, personality, and environment, depending on when he or she was born. The zodiac history is based on the Chinese calendar, which is associated with Chinese astrology and ancient religion. Babylonians developed their own version of horoscopes about 2,400 years ago. Then 2,100 years ago, astrology caught on and moved to the eastern Mediterranean, becoming very popular in Egypt, which was under the control of a dynasty of Greek kings.
The landing page of the site offers a lot of information about the product to be free. When first visiting the website, Sarah offers you a free reading determined by your birth date that goes very in-depth to tell you all about who you are and why that may be. Your birth date is analyzed according to the astrological positioning of constellations, planets, stars, and Earth itself. Because this would be hard to do on our own, some smart Asian men did it for us a long time ago, now we just use the same techniques to carry on the tradition and the knowledge that they were so kind to pass down. This knowledge is what Sarah Lee holds and uses to give a reading customized to your special day.
The reading first categorizes you according to one of the twelve Chinese calendar years, which gives an assigned animal. This animal is then broken down into elements, and together, the assigned animal and elements will reveal to Sarah very special details about you, which she then conveys to you. Sarah explains in the reading that the animals and elements are part of some big, complicated charts that the Asian men made. Without keeping in mind that the future Western culture would want to use them as well, so she does all of the heavy lifting for her customers and interprets them for us.
The reading begins when a long seemingly, vague detail about your life is given and exposed to you. This part is typically where most people become suspicious about the authenticity of astrological readings because the medium will say something like, “Oh, you are intelligent; and will be very successful this year. If you want to know-how, the stars will tell me more for a small payment of $100!” While some individual fall for this, and thus have the medium business become commercialized full of fakes, Sarah wants the knowledge to be common, so she goes even further in-depth before asking for anything.
Going down the page, suspiciously small details are revealed that seem like complete chance, but according to astrological enthusiasts, are simple science. I took the reading myself, and at first, it gave me the usual about how I am intelligent, and if I work hard enough, I can easily make myself successful. Being used to this and knowing that if anyone applies themselves correctly, they can fit that definition, I ignored it but kept reading.
When reading my own, it began to give me things like my lucky number and lucky colour. I know these things could be anything and there are many options for both of them, but somehow mine seemed to actually fit. The reading told me my lucky number was nine, and coincidentally, that has been my favourite number for years. It also told me my lucky colour was green, which again “coincidentally,” used to be my favourite colour all throughout childhood, only recently making a switch to adoring purples and grays. This information had me convinced enough that I would at least read the full reading, where many things were discussed that seemed to apply to me, and others that I hope will be fulfilled soon. It was thorough, detailed, and by far the best free reading, or even paid reading, I have ever received in my life. The authenticity of Sarah’s work was proven to me right there, but that does not speak for her productsImperial Zodiac Metal Rat Guide
At the end of the reading, Sarah offers a personalized Imperial Zodiac Metal Rat Guide. Even after the reading, that seems like a bunch of words thrown together to those without astrology knowledge. To those that do, they would know that the Metal Rat is the symbol for the 2020/2021 year. The year of the rodent, there could not be a better word to describe the year 2020. No doubt has been a tough year for everyone, which is why Sarah is offering her a guide on how to cope with these troubling times. Her guide will help us to sail through the year of the Metal Rat (2020/2021) and through future events
The year 2020 is coming to an end, but 2021 is only two months away; it is still untested, leaving plenty of reason to want a guide to help work through the remainder of the Metal Rat year. I was shocked, personally, that Sarah even had information left to give me after my free reading but, I was very interested in learning more about what she could teach to anyone after the depth of detail her free portion goes into.
Sarah compares the products with those of other sellers, showing the scams that are put abroad by fake mediums and astrologists. Sarah is offering the Metal Rat Guide; and six additional reads, all valued at over five hundred dollars ($500), and she is giving them away for only twenty dollars ($20) at the moment after completing your reading. A session alone with an “expert” such as Sarah would usually cost around $300, and she basically exposed a session’s secrets in minutes on her sight with a free, personal reading.
What is Your Astrology Language?
Many skeptics are unsure what to make of astrology, even though it has been used for centuries. There are many versions of what this actually means but understanding astrology can unlock secrets about an individual that is unlike anything else. Most people have seen the daily predictions for their zodiac sign for the day, week, or month, and many services break down what romance and fortune are in their future.
Your Astrology Language offers a different opportunity – the ability to get a free reading on the four obstacles that consumers may be facing. This answer is based specifically on their Chinese zodiac sign, which they can select on the homepage. After the user makes their selection and states their gender, they’ll also be asked for the name given at birth and when they were born. All of these factors will determine the placement of each planet in the universe when they were born. Even what time an individual was born can make a difference in the user’s forecast.
The website will generate a reading based on these details. The reading shows users their Eastern zodiac sign and their element, breaking down what this combination means for the user’s personality. After this breakdown, the user will also have the chance to learn about their Auspicious Luck Cycle.
The Auspicious Luck Cycle opens the door to the struggles that consumers have faced, showing how they can attract positive changes in their life. Furthermore, the creators allege that this part of the reading will expose users to the truth behind what it will take to make them happy. Still, the only way to get access to the in-depth details is to purchase the Imperial Zodiac Guide 2020/2021 Edition of the report.
Buying the Imperial Zodiac Guide 2020/2021 Edition
With this purchase of the Imperial Zodiac Guide, consumers will learn what they need to do to align their Qi and how to establish inner peace. The report also details the best times to make decisions, the best time to avoid them, and how to keep their psyche aligned with the universe.
The report includes:
  • A trick to improve the way that others are attracted to the customer
  • Lucky numbers to bet in lotteries
  • Tricks to revive their energy
  • Changes to make to their furniture arrangement.
  • How to improve relationships
By purchasing the report now, users can also get six bonuses that won’t be available for long. The reports focus on the extra benefits that users get from the report, including a book on feng shui and decluttering the home. While the bonuses easily increase the value to $497, the actual price tag is substantially smaller – only $19.
If the user doesn’t feel like they received everything that the creators advertised, they have up to 60 days to ask for a refund.
For consumers that would like to contact the company can do so by email at:
[email protected]
Bottom Line
Your Astrology Language and the Imperial Zodiac Guide 2020/2021 Edition report are helpful ways for consumers to learn more about themselves. Created by founder Sarah Lee, users will get an in-depth report for free on the website before any payment is required, which may be an effort to demonstrate how much more users can get. This opportunity won’t be available permanently, but it is offered relatively low to encourage other users to buy it.
Get Your Free 2020 Personalized Forecast Reading Here
The rest of the products also feature a 60-day money-back guarantee for any interested, allowing time to explore the guide and see if it is worth keeping into the 2021 year. This should combat any who are still skeptical but do not want to waste money, as it seems worth a try. While astrology is still in scientific question, I encourage you to take the test yourself, and see if you still question the authenticity of astrology, and how much you want to see a personal guide on how to deal with the mess we are all in right now.
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2020.10.20 20:29 TheHood2001 how did Sarah know the date of Judgment Day in Terminator 2?

how did Sarah know the date of Judgment Day in Terminator 2? Kyle Reese never told her it in The Terminator, so she had no way of ever learning the date, yet she knew it, which doesn't make any sense what so ever.
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2020.10.20 12:37 BuroDude Prescription Drug Takeback October 24th, 2020 10am - 2pm

Prevention Coalition for Success is holding a drug take back event at Saint Thomas Rutherford on Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
“Prevention Coalition for Success is excited to partner with Saint Thomas Rutherford to offer a drug take back event for Rutherford County. Through this event, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of properly disposing of unused medication.” says Sarah Murfree, Prevention Coalition for Success Director. To enforce COVID-19 guidelines for the health and safety of all, this will be a drive thru event to drop off medication.”
Drug take back events serve three important safety and public health purposes. Proper disposal of unused medications prevents diversion of prescription drugs with potential for abuse. According to the DEA, non-medical use of prescriptions drugs is the second most common form of drug abuse in the United States. Secondly, unused medication in the home can pose a risk to young children who might accidently ingest the medication. Lastly, properly disposing of unused medication protects our environment.
Who: Prevention Coalition for Success and Saint Thomas Rutherford
What: Drug Take Back Event to collect unused prescription medications for proper disposal
When: Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This is the date of the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.
Where: Saint Thomas Rutherford, 1700 Medical Center Parkway, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. A drop off location will be located outside the main entrance of the hospital.
Why: Drug take back events serve three important safety and public health purposes. Proper disposal of unused medications prevents diversion of prescription drugs with potential for abuse. According to the DEA, non-medical use of prescriptions drugs is the second most common form of drug abuse in the United States. Secondly, unused medication in the home can pose a risk to young children who might accidently ingest the medication. Lastly, properly disposing of unused medication protects our environment.
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2020.10.20 00:17 jessiconic95 My [25F] good friend/kind-of-ex-boyfriend [38M] is moving back in with a old hookup [42F] and I don’t think it’s a good idea. Do I have an obligation to say something, or are my hands clean?

This is a strange situation I’d rather not be in.
I met my friend Ben about two years ago at my last job. We weren’t very close at first, more like work acquaintances, but my best friend Delilah (another coworker) liked to hang out with him so I would see him occasionally outside of work. Quite frankly, my first impression of him was negative. He came off as miserly and I couldn’t understand why a 38-year-old man wanted to hang out with us.
One of those occasions was when Delilah and I were looking for a new apartment together. The listing we were looking at was a bit sketchy, so she asked Ben to come with us while we did the tour.
At this point, Ben was renting a room he found online from a woman named Sarah. Sarah is in her forties, single, and pretty. Ben and her got along well when they met, and they ended up hooking up three weeks into him living there. Things didn’t progress well from there. He said he felt weird about it, and tried to take a step back from their new friends-with-benefits relationship. That didn’t go over well with Sarah, who was understandably hurt by the whole ordeal, and he decided to look for a new place to live.
So Ben goes on the apartment tour with us, and it turns out to be a lovely two bedroom perfect for me and Delilah. We decide to go through with the lease. Ben also likes the look of the place - enough to rent one of the other four units in the building, a very expensive one bedroom apartment on the floor above us.
I didn’t see him much for the first few weeks. I got a new job quickly after moving into our place, so I didn’t work with Ben anymore. I would still see him once a week or so when she invited him out after work. Then two things happened: Delilah got a new job, and coronavirus hit everyone like a goddamn train.
Right before Delilah started her new gig, she decided to take some time off to visit family in another state. Quarantine started a few days after she left. She quickly made the decision to stay with her family longer than expected, trying to both wait out the quarantine and spend quality time with her younger sibling who was soon to enter the work force. This decision ended up lasting for six months.
Ben was immediately moved to full-time telework, and I was allowed part-time telework for three days a week. Ben started offering to hang out with me quite a bit, which made sense from a COVID perspective. We lived near each other, trusted each other to take quarantine seriously, and mostly teleworked so the risk of transmission between us was very low. I still resisted at first because again, kind of weird that a then-38 year old man wanted to hang out so badly with a 25 year old woman. He also had a gross habit of making weird, psuedo-flirting jokes with women, including me. I probably should have just trusted my instinct about him at this point.
A few weeks into this new situation, I finally committed to go on a morning hike with him because the lack of social interaction was starting to get to me. Unfortunately my body decided it had other plans and gave me kidney stones instead. I texted him I couldn’t make it, he asked why, and then literally insisted on making me soup and sitting with me until I felt better. And though it was just a can of soup he opened and served to me in the pot he heated it up with, I thought this was a kind thing to do.
I dropped my guard and we started to hang out more. We both needed to exercise since covid shut down the gyms, so we started carpooling to a basketball court during our telework lunch break. He would play for an hour while I ran on the trails next to them. That lasted a few weeks, then I got clearance to come in full-time. After that we started hanging out at his place after work. We would play video games together, watch Chopped and bet on who would win, and sometimes just talk while he cooked. To no one’s surprise, we became fast friends, and feelings followed soon afterwards.
Against my better judgement, I liked the guy. He was still kind of miserly, but I started to understand why. We live in a small college town that doesn’t have too many people his age to socialize with. During that time period I spent with him, I got to find out that he’s also very funny, and would often write comedy bits with his best friends when they were younger. He’s incredibly smart and hard-working, yet humble. I didn’t know he had a Ph.D. in physics until I saw it said “Dr.” on his credit card. I would go to him for a second set of eyes on work presentations, and he let me teach him how to cook.
If it sounds like we were in a relationship, it’s because we basically were. That was our first mistake, and one that we made together. We both saw what was happening and chose not to say anything for five months (even when we started regularly cuddling on his couch).
Then one night, during one of these cuddle sessions, he tried to kiss me.
I don’t think I can emphasize enough that I absolutely freaked out. I cried for the first time in front of him, and told him that we couldn’t just not talk about things anymore. I didn’t want to backslide into something that we hadn’t discussed first. He agreed, and said he was confused too. Both of us were worried it was just the proximity of quarantine getting to us. We agreed to cool things down, and stopped getting physical with each other. We did a very bad job of stopping everything else, and still spent most of our time together.
A few weeks later it became clear enough to me that my feelings were real. I decided to ovary up and ask Ben on a date. We visited a nearby town with his brother that weekend. We were chilling out and reading on some picnic blankets together, and when his brother left for a moment, he quickly moved to lay beside me and give me a big hug like he used to. I seized the opportunity and asked him on the spot. He said yes! I couldn’t have been happier.
And then he came back to me less than 24 hours later and told me he changed his mind.
I was furious. I felt like a complete fool, and suddenly everything I knew about the situation was thrown into question. Did he ever really like me at all, or was I just conveniently nearby when he wanted company?
He left quickly that day, with no explanation of why he changed his mind. Things just got worse after that.
We spent the next week apart trying to cool down, then got dinner and spoke again. I wanted to know why he changed his mind, and more importantly, why he thought we wouldn’t work in the long run. He didn’t have answers then either, just “I’m confused.” I was honest and told him I wasn’t sure if I could go back to being just being friends, and I would need a clean break if he didn’t want to try a real relationship. He said he needed time to think about it, so we separated that night with no real resolution.
The next morning, he came to me and said he was sorry, but he was still confused. He didn’t think it was a good idea to start a relationship like that. I was upset, but I agreed. Then, as he was literally walking out of the door with his things, he stopped and said he was making a huge mistake. He would miss me too much. So he changed his mind again, and said he wanted to at least try.
Obviously, I should have kicked his indecisive ass to the curb. Stupidly, I instead chose to not look a gift horse in the mouth and took what I got. That was an incredibly dumb choice that really betrays my apparent lack of self-esteem when it comes to relationships.
But anyways, we were ‘dating’ then I guess. To no one’s surprise, it lasted all of three weeks before I dumped him for putting zero effort into keeping me around. The entire thing felt forced (because it was).
Then we really did separate for about two months. We still lived near each other, but did our best to keep our distance. Occasionally, however, I would see him with Sarah.
His relationship with Sarah never really bothered me. I’m fairly sexually adventurous when I’m single, and enjoy friends-with-benefits. However, Sarah’s behavior towards me threw me off a bit. In the beginning after Ben moved out of her place she would still come around to hang out with him every few days or so.
One of these days was right after Ben and I went grocery shopping together. She was already at his place starting to make dinner in his kitchen, which I thought was a little weird. I wouldn’t make the guy who just shut off our fwb relationship dinner in his apartment. However, it wasn’t my place to have an opinion, so I kept my mouth shut. I tried to hang out for a bit, but I started to feel uncomfortable because Sarah didn’t say a word to me. Again, I didn’t think much of it - I don’t know many 42-year-old women I have things in common with, and I assumed the feeling was mutual. I left fairly quickly that night.
A few weeks later, I asked Ben to hang out but he already had plans with Sarah. He called her on the spot, put the phone on speaker and asked if I could join. She didn’t know I was in the room and said no, because she wanted to spend time with just him. That was very awkward for me, both because of her reaction and my belief that it is very rude to put someone on speaker without them knowing first. He apologized to me after ending the call, saying that it would be okay for her to ask that if they were in a relationship, but he feels weird about her saying no because they aren’t together.
Ben also told me that after meeting me for the first time, Sarah wouldn’t stop talking about her surprise at ‘how pretty I was’. I appreciate the compliment, but found it strange because she didn’t have that reaction about Delilah, who is quite beautiful.
Eventually after she declined a few more hangouts with both me and Ben, he gave up trying and would just hang out with us separately. This didn’t stop her from calling him while we were hanging out. There was one time in particular I remember as being a a little weird because she wouldn’t stop calling and texting him trying to make plans to take a walk with her that night. I trust Ben when he says they stopped being physical after he moved out, so I think it really was just her being insistent that they see each other.
Eventually, Sarah started dating an old friend of hers and stopped hanging around Ben as much. I have to admit I was grateful when that happened, because I was starting to feel like she signed me up for a competition I never agreed to. And for what it’s worth, Delilah, who I trust to not just tell me what she thinks I want to hear, has also said that she has a problem with me.
Fast-forward to today, and my friendship with Ben has not fully recovered. We started hanging out in a group again now that Delilah is back from her family. (Poor thing walked back into a shit show. She was a great friend putting up with me blubbering over him during the turmoil.) We don’t hang out one-on-one hardly at all anymore, and even when we do it still feels too familiar for my liking.
The problem is that his lease on his very expensive apartment is almost up, and Sarah, who is now recently single, has offered to let him move back in at a seriously reduced rate. His first agreement with her was for one bedroom in her townhouse; now she’s throwing in two bedrooms, one for sleep and one for an office, at $200 less than the price of his original bedroom. He hasn’t agreed to the offer but he’s strongly considering it as it’s the best deal he’ll get on a place by a long shot.
This makes no sense to me from her perspective. Why would she give up the income from the second bedroom? I understand COVID makes it hard to find tenants, but we live in an insanely expensive area and that room is worth $1500 even during the pandemic.
Beyond her motives, I think it is an incredibly stupid idea for him to even consider moving back in with her. They didn’t last three weeks the first time before things got weird. We lasted longer, but it still only took five months for us to greatly damage our friendship. And I didn’t even mention the kicker, which is that he slept with his neighbor before that too. Clearly this dude has a pattern, and I am ashamed to be Neighbor #3.
So here is my question: would it be appropriate to voice my concerns to Ben? I feel like I’m in a very delicate situation, and I don’t know what a good person would do.
On one hand - I want to be a good person. I feel weird about keeping my mouth shut and letting someone I care about walk into a potentially bad situation without expressing my opinion. I think he’s stressed out at the apartment price he’s paying right now, and tempted enough at the idea of recouping some of the loss to make a rash decision (even though he makes very good money)
On the other hand, this is absolutely not my problem. It’s his pattern. And if he can’t see how his choices are negatively affecting his life at 38, I’m not sure he ever will regardless of what I say. And how would I even bring it up without looking like I’m just jealous?
I would appreciate some objective advice here, but I also appreciate anyone who has just read this far.
Tl;dr: A close friend who I tried dating is considering moving back in with an old flame. I am concerned that she is too possessive over him. Should I say something?
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2020.10.19 22:09 stravvberiez im glad my ex-bestfriend's brother was killed.

i know the title sounds terrible, let me explain.
ive been friends with "wendy" since my freshman year in highschool all the way until our junior year in college. she was one of the first people i met and stayed pretty good friends along with a few others, "kelly" and "sarah". over the course of highschool, wendy, kelly, sarah and i became got closer bonding over family situations (wendy would always complain about her family, especially her brother. she would always talk badly of him to us) boy drama, and lots of hanging out and late night calls.
we were all aware that most of the school didnt like wendy because of her obnoxious behavior (sassy teenager). but we all knew she was a cool person once you got past her unfavorable traits.
why we stopped being friends.
she was in love with one of the people in our group, "john". the problem was, he was very aware of it and treated her horribly, being nice to her only when he wanted sex. this obviously caused her a lot of pain and distress for us as her friends. we tried to be there for her, advice her as best as we could, and encouraged her to focus on herself and school. well, her being wendy, didnt care much about what we had to say and did what she wanted, coming back to us in tears with the same story as before. this happened until we were like 20.
once we became of age, she started drinking more and causing fights and drama within our group, especially targeting me. i didn't understand but tried my best to apologize if i had said or done anything to hurt/offend her. thats when kelly and sarah began keeping a distance from her, they saw the situations firsthand.
she ended up blowing up on me one night, saying how i was talking to john behind her back and how much of a terrible friend i was and that it was all my fault he didnt like her and wasnt with him and our friends weren't talking to her anymore.
i was in a serious three year relationship at the time. my boyfriend and i could not believe she was accusing me of that since we saw each other pretty often. and yes, i was friends with john but only because of wendy. i didnt even talk to the guy like that, we'd just joke around (were the only ones with a morbid sense of humor) when were all hanging out as a group. we do have a lot of things in common, but we never saw each other as anything other than friends. especially with me knowing how he treated wendy and yknow me having a bf i loved very much.
there was a lot more of those texts and angry drunken outbursts after that. found out she bad mouthed me to other friends and family. so i decided to distance myself from that environment.
i did get some half-assed apology texts and her asking to hang out to talk but i mostly told her i wasnt ready. she did treated me pretty bad for almost 2 years, and she chose a boy over us, which fucking sucks but whatever.
about a year later, i find out they're dating. huh. so i text her and we agree to all hang out and have a bbq at johns house (her idea) to catch up.
it went horribly to say the least. the whole time she kept an eye on me and john, it was sooooo uncomfortable. she got pretty drunk and started trying to argue with me, bring up problems that i had confided her, kelly and sarah. and when some of johns family members came to my defense, she tried to fight them. it was terrible, they were all yelling and it resulted on johns brother telling her everyone hated her and it was a shame she had to be a part of his family (along with other terrible things). well she left and poor john had to apologize to everyone.
that was the last time i saw or spoke to her.
all of our friends told me to fight her back or do something but im not that kind of person. i always told them karma would get her.
well. i recently found out karma did. her brother was found dead and i cant help but to think "thats what she gets."
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2020.10.19 20:09 SpongeLifeBestDay Mega YSBL Songs Thread

Hey everyone,
Here will be our archive of every identifiable song that Soggy uses throughout any of his posts across all platforms. Here you can find, in chronological order, the list of songs and artists along with the titles of which specific post or post(s) they are used in (refer to our Video Mega-Thread for more info on the videos themselves and links to them), and the date they were first uploaded. We will then include a link to listen to the full song online, and one to read the lyrics of the song. We will keep updating this as more songs get identified! We'll also include any other TikTok sounds he may use.
This is a great place to discuss the meanings/interpretations behind these songs and how they each might relate to the storyline as well as messages Soggy may be trying to convey through them, and also for looking for connections between different songs. And of course, you can simply kick back and vibe along with Soggy's Playlist whenever you want, you can find a link at the bottom to a YouTube playlist with all the songs! Enjoy!! :)


"Downtown" by Petula Clark (1964) - Used in TikTok 5, "Dragging Suitcase".
Listen: Lyrics:
"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" by Kenny Vance And The Platanones (2006) - Used in TikTok 6, "Pushing Suitcase".
Listen: Lyrics:
"We Will Rock You" by Why Mona (2017) - Used in TikTok 8, "We Will Rock You".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Butterflies" by Gurldoll (2019) - Used in TikTok 9, "Butterflies".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Disgustipated" by Tool (1993) - Used in TikTok 10, "Running".
Listen: Lyrics:
"What Sarah Said" by Death Cab For Cutie (2005) - Used in TikTok 11, "In The Room".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Stay (I Missed You)" by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories (1994) - Used in TikTok 13, "Uncovering Suitcase".
Listen: Lyrics:
"I Think I Love You" by The Partridge Family (1970) - Used in TikTok 14, "On The Bridge".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Breadcrumb Trail" by Slint (1991) - Used in TikTok 16, "By The Creek".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Sloop John B" by The Beach Boys (1966) - Used in TikTok 17, "Trains".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Breaking The Girl" by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991) - Used in TikTok 18, "Under The Bridge".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Girl Anachronism" by Dresden Dolls (2003) - Used in TikTok 19, "Scribbling".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Friends" by Jesse McCartney (2020) - Used in TikTok 20, "Friends".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Overkill" by Colin Hay (2003) - Used in TikTok 21, "By The Lake".
Listen: Lyrics:
"She Doesn't Love Me" by Billy Cobb (2019) - Used in Instagram Video 1A, "Hay Brushing".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks (1966) - Used in Instagram Video 1B, "Carrying Boots".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Lotion" by Greenskeepers (2005) - Used in Instagram Video 1C, "Handwashing".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Into The Ocean" by Blue October (2006) - Used in Twitter Video 1, "Suitcase Puddle".
Listen: Lyrics:
"When Doves Cry" by Prince (1984) - Used in Instagram Story 1, "Railroad Spikes".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Cool Water" by Hank Williams (1960) - Used in Instagram Story 2, "Cool Water".
Listen: Lyrics:
"Relacion" by Sech (2020) - Heard in TikTok Live Stream 1, "Exploring".
Listen: Lyrics:

TikTok Sounds:

"Black Moon Rising" by Teddyloid - Used in TikTok 2, "Black Moon Rising".
"Calling All Painters" by TiLizz - Used in TikTok 7, "Calling All Painters".
"One Cool Thing" by Farles - Used in TikTok 15, "One Cool Thing".
Now, enjoy Soggy's Playlist:
We will keep updating this as more songs get found!! Enjoy this for now, and let us know if we are missing anything, thanks!!!! :)
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2020.10.19 19:37 Father-Son-HolyToast OP's coworker will not stop making snide comments about OP's large boobs, despite OP continually and politely asking her to cut it out. When the coworker tells OP her Zoom feed looks like a porno, she's had enough. [Posted 5 months ago]

This is a repost. The original post is by throwawaykilot.
I have big boobs. I’m currently at 52kg and there’s nothing I can do to change the size of these things unless I have surgery. I’m also extremely shy and from a very conservative family so my resentment and shame towards my bust is an ongoing issue.
My friend *Sarah is one of those unfiltered free thinkers who says whatever is on her mind. She’s also slim and her chest is very much in proportion to the rest of her body. We work together and I’m always secretly jealous of how great shirts and tops look on her whereas I feel I look very sloppy and unprofessional with oversized, ill fitting clothes.
Sarah has this way of always bringing up my boobs in conversation, starting off complimentary but often ending with an subtle insult. She knows they’re a physical feature I’m uncomfortable with but doesn’t let up. Examples of things she’ll say is how my boobs look good now but give it a few years, and they’ll be down to my knees, hahaha! Or she’ll show me comments on reddit where people are discussing chest size preferences and most are commenting how they much prefer a smaller bust over large. Or just a general reminder of how work or men will never take me seriously because of my ‘cartoon boobs’. I know she’s trying to have lighthearted fun but it gets to me and I’ve told her a few times to drop it before.
Now we’re working from home, we all have daily video calls and meetings. Uniform is not necessary and can wear what we like. A few days ago, it was extremely hot and I was wearing a lighter, more revealing top than my usual baggy coverups. During this video call, in front of 6 other colleagues, Sarah starts vocalising her thoughts on my appearance: ‘Holy shit! Put those away! You look like you’re in a porno. We don’t need to see that first thing in the morning, hahaha.’ I was mortified. One other colleague laughed along but the rest looked uncomfortable. I felt close to tears, made an excuse and left the meeting. Sarah called me up half an hour later asking me what was wrong and I went off on her. Told her to go fuck herself and was sick of her constant jabs about my appearance. I went on a 10 minute tirade and hung up. Sarah has been off sick since that day and we haven’t spoken again. I’m wondering if I was too harsh and maybe should call and apologise for my outburst? Was I TA?
Edit: I’m fuming. I just spoke with a colleague, *John, (who was part of the video call that day) and he told me that Sarah’s been telling everyone that it’s ME that’s been bullying her and making her feel insecure about her appearance. When she made those comments during the meeting, it was in retaliation to how I’ve made her feel. Apparently, I said she looks like a boy and called her flat chested and ugly several times in the past. I have NEVER and would never say this! I don’t even understand the stupid ‘boy body’ insult because a small bust has always looked very beautiful and classy in my eyes. Anyway, John knows she’s full of shit and has suggested we speak with HR. The others will also back me up. I know most people here suggested I do this and I wasn’t sure at first but fuck it, I’m reporting her. I don’t know why I ever considered her a friend, she’s fucking mental and annoying.
Edit 2: I now feel stupid for even asking the question AITA. I thought I may have been at one point because the video call was amongst mostly work mates rather than clients and I wasn’t sure if my sensitivity towards my body image made me overreact to a joke that could have been innocent (I now realise it wasn’t).
I’ve also spoken to another coworker who is closer to Sarah and she thinks Sarah may have already reported me to HR. She said the phone conversation we had after the meeting was filled with abusive bullying language and physical threats. It wasn’t a pleasant phone call but the worst thing I said was she go fuck herself and that I don’t want to speak to her again. The rest of the conversation was just rehashing all the comments she made about my body and how it made me feel. She also claimed that I have been making inappropriate jokes about her appearance and work ethic(?) through the years and this confrontation was a long time coming. She also suggested that I’ve convinced the guys in the office to take my side by being a flirt and a tease (did I mention that I’m stupidly shy?)
My head is swimming and I think I may be dealing with an actual psycho. I don’t know how it’s come to this ridiculous level of craziness. All I wanted to do was get on with my fucking work in peace and get through this crappy time but now I have to deal with this bullshit.
Update: Just to answer a few questions I’ve seen:
Update 2:
The coworker (*Lucy), who keeps in contact with Sarah and told me earlier that Sarah may have reported me to HR, has just phoned to tell me that Sarah has suffered a serious panic attack. Lucy does not want to take sides but has suggested I reconsider taking drastic action. Sarah is too unwell to talk to me herself but has asked I drop my complaint and she will drop hers, citing the whole thing as a misunderstanding and stress-induced disagreement.
I have had panic attacks before in my life and I seriously felt like I was going to die. It’s a horrible feeling and if Sarah has honestly just had one herself, I don’t want to push her too far. I still want to address her comments over the video call but I’m wondering if I should just drop the other complaints. Sarah has asked to move teams so we don’t directly work with one another but it doesn’t seem she wants to apologise yet. And just to clarify to people who assume I was wearing a bikini top or boob tube during the meeting, I wasn’t. It was a short sleeved plain tshirt which hugged my breasts more than my usual baggy tops.
I don’t like to hold grudges and I think getting her fired during a time like this may be a shitty thing to do. I feel she has already punished herself by displaying this fucked up behaviour to others and losing a lot of respect from coworkers. If we don’t ever have to interact with one another, I’m up for that. I have a suspicion that Sarah may have found this post and read it which I thought I would feel bad about but I really don’t care.
Last Update:
I’m not dropping any of the complaints. Sarah (fuck you Michelle) and I have spoken, and although it started off promising, she is mentally unhinged and without a conscience. I did not realise how deep her hatred runs. Not only did she mock all those things I had told her in confidence about the way my family treated me growing up, she accused me of fucking every guy from work to get ahead. Now I know where some of those fake office rumours about me came from. I’ve been such a naive idiot and allowed my shyness and aversion to conflict to stop me from fighting people who manipulate and walk all over me. I don’t need this misery in my life. If she’s reading this, get professional help immediately. I know you desperately fancy John and, as you said, despise the way he looks at me. I know it bothers you that he took my side and has been a great support. Maybe I will go for drinks with him when lockdown ends.
If I don’t make any new updates, just assume that the right person was reprimanded and faced the consequences of their words and actions.
I took into account the advice offered and I thank you guys for your help.
HR meeting call with supervisor went well. The main incident in my original post wasn’t recorded but all six colleagues wrote a statement confirming what Sarah had said and how inappropriate it was. I didn’t realise but John had also asked others who work with us if they, at any point, heard Sarah attack my character or physical appearance in a cruel or improper manner and if they did, would they be willing to write a statement. Apparently, she has been saying quite a few outrageous things behind my back and it seems that a lot of the hurtful office gossip about me did originate from her. I submitted a few examples of messages and emails, sent by Sarah during work hours, taking jokes about my appearance too far. I also included the messages where I asked her to stop causing attention at work as I’m extremely uncomfortable with others regarding me in that way. Her claims of my bullying her and calling her flat chested and ugly at work were dismissed as she couldn’t specify dates or find anyone to corroborate her story or even provide any examples of me ever being hostile or unprofessional. The phone call we had after the video team meeting where she claims I used threatening language against her was also disregarded as no recording was made and it was her word against mine; Luckily, I don’t think they believed her on this point as I’ve never displayed anything near the type of agressive behaviour she was accusing me of and my character references had me down as the quiet sort who gets on with work. While things were being reviewed, Sarah decided to quit. She’s still adamant that I bullied and threatened her and felt no choice but to leave the toxic environment I created. I’ve been reassured that there was no wrongdoing on my part except that I should’ve reported things much sooner when inappropriate comments first started. From what I gather, Sarah’s general behaviour at work has raised concerns for a while and I wasn’t the first to complain about her.
Some people were confused as to why I had considered her a friend in the beginning. When I joined the team 3 years ago, it was my first job out of uni and I was incredibly nervous but Sarah was the first to ask me questions and offer to hang out. She was a bit overbearing and rambunctious but I appreciated her efforts to get to know me and coax me out of my shell. We often did have a good laugh despite her sometimes making a joke at my expense but I tried not to take it to heart and occasionally reminded her to wind it in and be more considerate of my feelings. It’s only been during the past 8 or so months where she’s become especially rude and callous. I still referred to her as a friend of sorts but I never thought she would take things as far as she did.
Edit: Thanks to everyone for the kind words, advice and encouragement, it’s really blown me away. I stepped away to talk to John for a while and let him know what a great guy a lot of people think he is. His little smile was adorable.
Despite the misery at work I had to go through for a while, everything has turned out pretty amazing. I do love my job now that I can actually get on with it without the office drama. Finding out how my other coworkers feel about me has been incredibly reassuring and we’ve now set up a weekly virtual pub night. My outlook has improved massively and I’m taking steps to manage my anxieties and put aside past negativity.
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2020.10.19 17:20 ThrowRA33199 My (20M) girlfriends (20F) is suicidal because of her mentally unstable mom, we are in an LDR and I don't know what to do.

TL;DR Girlfriend parents, especially mom, emotionally abusing daughter since 4. Gf couldn't take it, gets into argument, has a seizure but parents don't care. Parents also forcing her to live in a house with literally nothing, except a mattress.
Sorry, this post is messy, no structure, and completely random, I don't know how to word it.
I need help, desperately. I don't know what to do anymore.
I've dated my girlfriend for over 3 years now, let's call her Sarah. We've met in highschool, ended up in the same university but I had to transfer to another country due to various circumstances.
I don't even know where to start.
I need to lay some foundation regarding her personality. She's extremely insecure. She finds it hard to start conversations, she has really bad body image issues (She's in really good shape) and always does things in order to please others. The last one has been causing a lot of problems in our relationship, as this caused her to have no independence in her decision making, and this trait of hers is largely attributed to her upbringing.
Her dad is the typically calm and collected type, nice guy but never around, always travelling for work. Sarah grew up with her mother, whom since young age raised her to believe that the parents are essentially the "gods" of the house, their word is absolute. Often times, since age 4, her mom would force her to kneel and beg for forgiveness, constantly apologizing and crying for trivial mistakes even for mistakes she hasn't done. She would constantly be put in this stage of self-doubt and guilt, being forced to believe that whatever she does to oppose her parent's thinking is wrong. She would also get beaten if she doubted her apology or hesitated.
This dragged on to later, in middle school she was never allowed outside to meet friend or hangout. Was forced to stay home, do the house chores, do the groceries while her mom would just sit at home watching TV all day. She would constantly get insulted by her mother, never given compliments despite how well she was doing academically and was never given any presents for her achievements, I later learnt that they would make her believe she would receive rewards but turns out it was only to "motivate" her to work, they would not give anything upon achievement. She would also get locked out of the house, then of course forced to beg for sorry like before.
Highschool came, I knew that her family, especially mom had a "strict" way of raising their kid, so I worked my as off to become as perfect of a figure so that I can be with her daughter in a relationship. We went to the same uni, I don't want to get into much detail as this would take way too long but in short the mom would force her daughter to lie about various things to avoid being with me, would threaten to close her bank account and force her to drop out because she broke her leg (yeah), and spread bad rumors about us to her relatives. But I tried to help her overcome these insecurities really hard, I helped her develop more confidence and hoping that she can have some wriggle room.
Then I had to transfer uni, and covid happened so we were put into an LDR. At this moment she went back to live with her parents, and turns our her mother developed depression, anxiety and several other mental problems.
I'm trying so hard to write this but there is way too much to include, it's hard to put it short.
Her mother likes to abuse her daughter, doing the good old forcing her to apologize, and saying really cruel things like regretting giving birth to her and stuff. I remember one time she made her daughter go buy stuff and cook dinner for the family, only to say that her food looked like shit and proceeds to eat cup noodles.
This went on for another 8 months, until recently when Sarah went back to her uni, but has to quarantine. This time she's staying at a house, although its completely unfurnished, not internet, bed, cooking ware, TV, nothing. My gf began struggling with depression because of the 8 months she spent with her parents, so she was happy to finally live alone. However, yesterday she got into a huge argument with her parents, since she wanted at least an internet connection in her new house, and also a chair to sit on. Her mom went on to say she doesn't need any of this, she can wait another 6 months so they all move into the new house. Can you imagine living in a completely empty house, with nothing, for 6 full months? They got into a huge argument, and I think the sheer amount of stress then led her to experiencing a seizure. I found out her parents didn't care, they did not call an ambulance, and even went on to get even more mad at her for not picking up the phone WHILE SHE WAS HAVING A SEIZURE.
This proved too much for her and told me she doesn't want to go on, she's been crying for hours now.
I don't know what to do. I've talked to her so much, tried to cheer her up on a daily basis. I've lost countless hours of sleep to be with her. I can't confront her parents because I don't know if it will make it better or worse. My gf is too afraid to even reply to her parents with an opinion of her own. I want to buy the necessary items for her, but her parents predicted this and explicitly said she's gonna regret it if I buy anything for her. I'm completely lost.
Also her mom hates me for some reason.
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2020.10.19 16:46 SpongeLifeBestDay Mega YSBL Video Thread

Hey all,
This will be a Mega-Thread specifically for keeping track of all videos uploaded by the legitimate YouShouldntBeLooking social media accounts across all platforms. We will link all videos individually to our new YouTube archive and provide details such as: Title (not "official", given to the videos by us), date uploaded, brief description, and song(s) used. Please note that the TikTok videos linked here differ from the ones linked on the Mega-Mega Thread in that here, the original hashtags are intact and visible.
Please note that not all videos will be able to be linked right away, as YouTube only allows 15 uploads every 24 hours, so please give us a few days to have them all uploaded. In the meantime, check the Mega-Mega Thread for any videos you would like to see that are not here.
Please let us know if a link is broken or incorrectly linked, or if you have more information you feel should be added. Thanks, and enjoy! :)


  1. "Pumpkin" - 10/4/2020 - In this video, we briefly see a shot of a rotting pumpkin.
  2. "Black Moon Rising" - 10/7/2020 - In this video, the camera looks off into a dark space while the sound "Black Moon Rising" by user @Teddyloid plays.
  3. "Walking" - 10/7/2020 - In this video, the protagonist is seen walking in a dark space. Someone can be heard singing in the background.
  4. "Rustling Leaves" - 10/7/2020 - In this video, the protagonist kicks leaves and dirt around a dark, forest-type area.
  5. "Dragging Suitcase" - 10/7/2020 - In this video, the hand of protagonist, wearing some type of glove, is seen dragging a large suitcase wrapped with tape across a dirty floor. A dark liquid seems to be oozing out of the side of the suitcase. The song "Downtown" by Petula Clark is used as a sound.
  6. "Pushing Suitcase" - 10/7/2020 - In this video, the protagonist pushes the suitcase from the previous video off of a bridge and into a body of water below at nighttime, then throws what appears to be a blunt metal object into the water as well, then turns to leave. The song "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" by Kenny Vance And The Planotones is used as a sound.
  7. "Calling All Painters" - 10/7/2020 - In this video, the protagonist's scratched-up hand can be seen shakily flipping through a sketchpad full of drawings of faces and eyes, which is on a desk that is full of various clutter. The sound "Calling All Painters" by user @Hanna plays.
  8. "We Will Rock You" - 10/15/2020 - In this video, the protagonist walks down a dark, unfocused street. The song "We Will Rock You" by Why Mona is used as a sound.
  9. "Butterflies" - 10/15/2020 - This video is a still image of a river shrouded in fog. The song "Butterflies" by Gurldoll plays over it.
  10. "Running" - 10/15/2020 - This video follows the protagonist walking then running down a street, seemingly pursuing a figure that can be seen at the end of the video. The song "Disgustigipated" by Tool plays.
  11. "In The Room" - 10/16/2020 - In this video, the protagonist looks up and around a room with a wooden ceiling. The song "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab for Cutie plays.
  12. "Looking In" - 10/16/2020 - This video briefly shows a seemingly abandoned concrete space covered in graffiti. Traffic can possibly be heard in the background.
  13. "Uncovering Suitcase" - 10/16/2020 - In this video, the protagonist's scratched hand uncovers a suitcase lying in leaves and dirt, then proceeds to begin to unzip the suitcase before the video ends. The song "Stay" by Lisa Loeb plays.
  14. "On The Bridge" - 10/16/2020 - In this video, the protagonist is on a high bridge and goes to look over the edge of it, his scratched-up hands can be seen. The song "I Think I Love You" by The Partridge Family plays.
  15. "One Cool Thing" - 10/16/2020 - In this video, the protagonist opens a wooden door and proceeds through it into a very dark space. The sound "Everybody Has That One Cool Thing In Their House That Everybody Thinks Is So Cool" by user Farles is used.
  16. "By The Creek" - 10/17/2020 - In this video, the protagonist is looking around what appears to be a creek flowing under a bridge. The song "Breadcrumb Trail" by Slint plays.
  17. "Trains" - 10/17/2020 - In this video, the protagonist is in a grassy area, and clothing of various sorts is strewn across the grass. The protagonist then looks up at a nearby railroad track, and a Pacer Stacktrain travels by on the track. The song "Sloop John B" by The Beach Boys plays. Note that this video was released out of order with the previous one, being uploaded before but becoming un-privated after its release.
  18. "Under The Bridge" - 10/18/2020 - In this video, the protagonist appears to be under a bridge or in some sort of tunnel at daylight. The song "Breaking The Girl" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers plays.
  19. "Scribbling" - 10/18/2020 - - In this video, the protagonist's shaky hand, wearing a blue latex glove that is badly ripped, appears to struggle to write something on a notepad that is full of scribbles on a very cluttered desk. The pen appears to have bite marks in it, and all the ink seems to have leaked out. The sleeve of a fur coat can also be seen on the protagonist. The song "Girl Anachronism" by Dresden Dolls plays.
  20. "Friends" - 10/18/2020 - - In this video, the protagonist appears to be looking through some sort of soft, carpet-like texture at an orange-tinted space. The song "Friends" by Jesse McCartney plays.
  21. "By The Lake" - 10/18/2020 - - This video shows the protagonist looking down at the surface of a clear pond or lake in daylight. The song "Overkill" by Men At Work plays.

Instagram Videos

  1. "Hay Brushing" / "Carrying Boots" / "Handwashing" - 10/16/2020 - These are three separate videos uploaded to the Instagram account. In the first one, the protagonist's scratched hand can be seen brushing a pile of hay or straw with what appears to be a hairbrush. The song "She Doesn't Love Me" by Billy Cobb plays. In the second one (a TikTok that has yet to ever be un-privated), the protagonist is walking barefoot across a very rough, dark area while carrying a pair of boots. The song "Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks plays. In the third video, the protagonist washes his hands at a sink in a dark area. The song "Lotion" by Greenskeepers plays.
  2. "Static" - 10/17/2020 - This video is a few seconds of a black screen and ambient, static-like noise. A sound resembling that of a clock can be heard in the background.
  3. "Colored Static" - 10/17/2020 - This appears to be the same video as the previous one, with the same audio, except its contrast has been raised so that instead of a black screen, a fuzzy pattern can be seen that looks almost colorful.
  4. "Suitcase Puddle (No Music)" - 10/18/2020 - This is the same video of the suitcase that was posted first on the Twitter account this same night, but without the music. At the end, a stomping noise can be heard.

YouTube Videos

  1. "sleep" - 10/9/2020 - - This video takes place in what seems to be the area from the TikTok video "Under The Bridge", and looks similar to that video, but with no music. Note that although this was uploaded on October 9th, it did not become watchable by the public until October 18th.
  2. "Itmustbedone" - - 10/18/2020 - This video is similar to the "Scribbling" TikTok video, but with no music.

Twitter Videos

  1. "Suitcase Puddle" - 10/18/2020 - - This video is similar to the "Dragging Suitcase" TikTok video. In this one, however, the protagonist shows off a much bigger puddle of the dark substance oozing out of the suitcase. The song "Into The Ocean" by Blue October plays.

Instagram Stories

  1. "Railroad Spikes" - 10/16/2020 - - This video (a TikTok that has not as of yet become public) shows some metal structures protruding out of the ground, that seem to be railroad spikes. The song "When Doves Cry" by Prince plays.
  2. "Cool Water" - 10/18/2020 - This story simply consists of a gray rectangle that stays up for about 45 seconds. The background audio, however, consists of a high-pitched squeaking sound, such as cutlery on porcelain. In the background, the song "Cool Water" by Hank Williams can be heard, as well as possibly some indistinct mumbling.

Live Streams

  1. "Barbie" - Instagram, 10/18/2020 - - In this short video, the protagonist peers around a corner to show a Bible that has had a hole ripped straight through its middle, and the head of a Barbie doll peering through the hole.
  2. "Skull" - Instagram, 10/18/2020 - This video is blurry and shows what appears to be the skull of a canine animal for a few seconds.
  3. "Hand" - Instagram, 10/18/2020 !!CONTENT WARNING!!: This video is graphic. It shows the shaky hand of the protagonist for a few seconds, covered in what appear to be very fresh scratches that are still bleeding, holding some sort of sharp object.
  4. "Walking Around" - Instagram, 10/18/2020 - In this video, the protagonist appears to step over things and walk around in a dark area outdoors.
  5. "Exploring" - TikTok, 10/18/2020 - - This live video is over nine minutes long. It starts with the protagonist continuing to walk around a dark area outdoors while breathing heavily. At one point, indistinct voices can be heard far in the background. Eventually, the protagonist reaches a fence and enters through it, then appears to go up to somebody's house and peer through a window to look into a cellar or basement. Latin pop music can be heard playing from the building, specifically the song "Relacion" by Sech. The protagonist hangs around this building, then leaves it and sees a streetlight in the distance, and takes off towards it in a full-on run.
Here is also a compilation link for all of the TikToks up through 10/17 if you would like to watch them all in one place:
We will continue to update this list as we get more new videos. For now, please let us know any feedback you have so far on this list or any suggestions for improvements. Thanks so much everyone, enjoy!! :)
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2020.10.19 14:30 Draco_Ranger Libertarianism is a lot more complex than authors realize

Advocacy of a political system through fiction is a favorite of a certain type of author who has very… directed views on how society should work. It means they can create a world where everything works exactly as they want, and anything to the contrary can be completely ignored. Since I refuse to even attempt to read the multitude of contradictory and undisprovable books that attempt to explain Marxist (and derivative) theory, I’m going to talk about an ideology who’s main attraction is its simplicity. Welcome to the ideology of Econ101, libertarianism.


This is strictly about libertarianism as advocated by groups like the US Libertarian Party and certain non-economist writers. There are some extremely intelligent people who have advocated for a limited government and have dedicated entire careers to collecting data and analyzing the positives and negatives of government intervention. This is not about them.


Darkship Thieves is a story about a sociopathic heiress who suffers extensively from ‘written by a man’ syndrome, despite being written by a woman. She flees a group of murderers, and spends the next couple hundred pages being saved by deus ex machinas (ranging from hitting a stealth ship in space [a 1 in a couple trillion chance], to having telepathic powers because friendships are genetically transferable, to being sucked into a hazardous waste transport within minutes of hiding in a vat of medical waste, to… it’s impressive. Everything goes perfectly for the main character). What is relevant here is that the story is predicated on a false dichotomy between a repressive aristocratic system and a libertarian system, where the latter uses social pressure to enforce laws while giving people near perfect freedom, with excessive time dedicated to the lack of a nudity taboo. Additionally, it attempts to explore the limitations of an unregulated market dominated by a monopoly. Keyword being attempts.
“Freedom!” is a collection of short stories that is divided into two sections, one about attaining freedom, and one about establishing a free society. It attempts to explain multiple libertarian systems in action, ranging from trust algorithms decided on high to favor driven microeconomies. The stories about attaining freedom aren’t bad, and discuss some more interesting topics, like how little you’d realistically need to break government control, but the latter really suffers writers placing an ideal before realism, with huge amounts of inadvertent harm being handwaved or argued as a good thing.
Jackson’s Whole from the Miles Vorkosigan Saga is a world that grew out of a smuggler’s hideout. The lack of an explicit government was retained, with individuals choosing to work together within a free market system of contracts and Deals, the one thing sacred to the locals. People banded together for mutual protection, producing a number of independent Houses that act to make violence relatively limited, where contract police arrest individuals with a hefty additional fee for resisting arrest.
I’m not going to touch Atlas Shrugged since objectivism rejects utilitarianism; it accepts broad harm to the general population as worth it to ensure freedom on a broad scale and to ensure that the "best" of humanity are properly rewarded, while the libertarian arguments I’m addressing center around increased broad economic gains to society and improved freedoms compared to other systems.


Libertarianism is a theoretical political system based on minimum governance, where, ideally, rational self interest allows people to live in near perfect freedom. It often attempts to impose something called the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) to justify how people would act under this system, where no individual would attack another or cause harm because others would respond with violence.
There are substantial arguments about what minimum governance actually implies, ranging from near complete non-existence, generally advocated by 14-year-olds and the US Libertarian Party, to providing a legal system to enforce contracts and a military, to a smaller less intrusive government. The general idea is that the free market is capable of self correcting and rational actors would be able to replace the functions of a government.
A free market means that actors are allowed to buy and sell goods and services at the price levels that they’ve set. It generally requires a judicial system to enforce contracts, to prevent people from cheating each other or outright stealing, strong property rights, so people will be assured that their goods and services can be sold and bought, and a lack of onerous regulations like price controls.
A free market economy is extremely efficient at resource allocation. When there is a food shortage, the price increases, and it becomes financially worth it to bring in food from other locations, helping to alleviate that food shortage. And, since food is common and interchangeable, its basically impossible for independent actors to create a food cartel, which means that the shortage will be alleviated without substantially increasing the price of food. Compare that to many extractionary governments who place a higher priority on maximizing the wealth of those in power, where a food shortage is a way for those in power to make a substantial profit. The Corn Laws governed imports of grain into the UK for about 30 years. Because the government could apply pressure everywhere, it relatively drove prices of basic foodstuffs up, removing most of the financial gain of the Industrial Revolution to the lower classes in British society. Apparent wages increased, but real wages dropped due to food costs, which heavily benefited the aristocracy which owned the farms in the UK.1,2
One profits off of alleviating a shortage, the other profits off of causing and maintaining a shortage.
The idea of libertarianism is to apply this same mindset to everything, intending to create optimal outcomes with market relations and game theory.


The issue is that people are really really bad at acting rationally, and the free market is extremely imperfect.
Rational actors is an economic term that assumes that people act with perfect knowledge, entirely in their self interest. The perfect knowledge aspect is difficult when you’re dealing with individuals in a business agreement. Obviously people wouldn’t ever act disingenuously or immorally if others would be able to look it up and not work with them. Equally obviously, Jack Abramoff3 was a convicted fraudster, and that information was available online, but crypto enthusiasts trusted him with several million dollars, despite the system being billed as being trust-less. Those prior signals were vindicated when he attempted to defraud customers in 2018. Perfectly guessing an individual’s intentions and ostracizing anyone who doesn’t have a clean record is a rather essential aspect of naive libertarianism. This is why more mature versions of libertarianism admit that at least a legal system to enforce contracts is necessary.
In the study of economics, econ101 is basically why the free market is amazing. Every other class is talking about how it fails and what is necessary to minimize unintentional harm. From the tragedy of the commons, where community owned resources are often overused and everyone is negatively impacted, to monopoly power, where one group is able to set prices as they see fit due to lack of alternatives, government intervention is absolutely necessary to prevent undue harm.
Darkship Thieves unintentionally demonstrates both perfectly. The libertarian society is based on a system of social pressure. If the general opinion of society is that you’ve fucked up, then you must pay to make amends, regardless of the truth. A legal system is designed to gather all the facts and avoid mob justice, because mob justice is random and disproportionate. Plenty of people have been killed for violating a social norm they didn’t know about, and it’s not like any society is so perfect that their norms are mutually consistent and equally applied. In the book, one of the main characters is accused of committing a murder. He refused to take a truth drug to clear his name, so the victim's brother attempted to assassinate him half a dozen times, which the general society viewed as expected and fine. The truth drug is an attempt by the author to avoid the issues with naive libertarian justice, but it completely fails as applied, where only the exact question asked is answered, the questioner can be a friend of the questionee, and they can coordinate ahead of time, which opens the door for so much lawyering.
“Did you do x on this date at this time?” “No.” “Case dismissed!”
Perfectly rational actors could function in such a system, mainly by having perfect access to data and knowing when someone lied or acted dishonestly in the past. Humans are really bad at doing the same, and turning determination of guilt into what is effectively a popularity contest is called high school. It doesn’t really work for society level justice for any period of time. Power concentrates and cliques form.
With regards to the economy side, Darkship Thieves’s main cause of scarcity is that it takes place in a hollowed out planetoid. This means that the main input from outside are power pods scavenged by the titular Darkship Thieves, various freelancers paid by a monopoly controller of the power system. Which is explicitly set up for profit. It has no regulatory capabilities; their only response to a sudden lack of power pods was to raise prices. There’s a term for how demand for a good responds to price changes, elasticity. Luxury goods like steak are relatively elastic. If the price for streak increases, people will just buy cheaper types of meat. Necessities like oil are relatively inelastic, people need a certain amount regardless of price. On a space station, power is more important than anything. You need it to run the air recyclers, water recyclers, lighting, everything. Raising prices in that situation is just exerting monopoly power. Rather than reducing consumption, it would just severely negatively impact the poor, while minimally affecting actual consumption. Which is the power monopoly’s right, but the implicit assertion that there is no better system, rationing, lottery, or eliminating unnecessary parts of the grid, is an interesting argument.
Coupled with genetic alteration, that is extremely expensive and available to a limited population, the assertion that this system is fair or beneficial is… interesting. All power is concentrated in the hands of a selective few, genetically enforced socioeconomic castes exist, and society is set up so that if you question the norms of said society attempted murder is totally acceptable. If it didn’t spend multiple paragraphs justifying the economic system in comparison to a dystopic aristocracy, I’d view the book as a cautionary tale.
“Freedom!” on the other hand, has one particular story entitled “The Ungoverned” by Vernor Vinge, which attempts to address the issue of people banding together to impose their will on another group in a libertarian society. This concerns the NAP, where the idea is that any violation of the NAP will be met with lethal response, thereby making violations unthinkable. All rational actors would band together to defend themselves from an aggressor. Aside from the issue of determining who is actually the aggressor, since reality is messy, this is a very interesting assertion on how willing people are to go to war for someone else’s benefit. Most of Germany doesn’t want to go to war with Russia if Poland was invaded, despite both nations being in NATO.4 The US is mixed on that topic. People, generally, don’t like to send the military for something that doesn’t benefit themselves or when the outcome is unknown. And coordinating hundreds or thousands of independent actors would be absurdly difficult. There’s a reason why representative democracy attempts to reduce the number of voices making decisions, if everyone needs to speak, and there’s no leadership to direct efforts, positive action is extremely slow and difficult.5
In the story, a private police department has their territory invaded by an autocratic neighbor from the south. As a nation-state, the invaders have a bigger military, more effective weapons, better training, and resources beyond what is strictly economically viable. What’s the solution to such an enemy? Give everyone nukes. Or, more accurately, be around random paranoid farmers that keep nukes buried underneath their farms. Admittedly, establishing MAD over a population of rational actors would eliminate all ability to fight, since anything would suddenly be a binary decision of ignore or cause the destruction of humanity as everyone detonates their nukes in self defense, but… Well, humans are bad at designing perfect systems. There’s a non-zero chance of failure in every mechanical system, and I doubt that a nuclear bomb that is affordable by anyone who wanted it would be built to the highest standards, and people are probably going to get drunk or suicidal or do something dumb with the detonator. Reducing all people to the same power level, by giving everyone nuclear weapons or other WMDs would allow for the NAP to function. But I don’t think humans can function under an all or nothing approach to security and defense. This is why more developed systems of libertarianism establish that a state is needed for mutual defense and law enforcement. The NAP is infeasible as an absolute system at the personal level. NAP like systems can occur at the international stage through alliances and respect of sovereignty, and, admittedly, the threat of nuclear war if absolutely necessary.


So, what makes a realistic naive libertarian society?
The issue is realism and what people ideologically want.
The idea of naive libertarianism is pretty much unworkable as a paradise, with massive harm caused to everyone who isn’t lucky enough to win, and tends to lead to massive concentration of power in the hands of the few in the form of monopolies or through force. Which is totally feasible if you’re willing to address that point head on. Jackson’s Whole is fairly realistic, with massive inefficiencies due a refusal to build public goods, exploitation of people in every sense of the word, a need to pledge devotion to various corporations/aristocratic families for protection, and immoral practices that cause disproportionate harm in comparison to the economic gain.
Which is basically the outcome of unregulated capitalism and a minimized government. That’s the problem, libertarianism may follow the ideas of “I do not interfere, And people become rich by themselves”6 , but there is too much that can go wrong in a way that concentrates power and allows a small number of individuals to affect everything for their own gain. Either those who gain power establish a new government, where the government has a monopoly over force, or other people at similar levels of power balance against them. Also known as warlords or crime families. For example, Kowloon Walled City rapidly was taken over by Triads when neither the UK nor China was willing to exert control over it.
Unless the society is centered only on goods that cannot have a monopoly, such as food in a society of farmers, power concentration of the successful is part of what attracts people to libertarianism. You work hard, you get rewarded with wealth. And wealth means power. And power concentration without regulation offers more opportunity of power concentration in the future, which increasingly undermines the basis of libertarianism. The naive approach doesn’t allow for a more perfect existence because game theory allows and strongly encourages for people to exploit the system for personal gain, and effective banding together against such individuals is nearly impossible.5
A feasible and more mature libertarian society is presented in most trading sims. The government provides a minimum level of security, it has some regulatory capacity (though that is most often abused to block development in these games), and contracts are enforced by, presumably, the judiciary. It is a useful approximation of how businesses most efficiently operate, and helps explain why there is a lot of serious economic interest in more nuanced forms of libertarianism. At the same time, the end game helps demonstrate the long term issues with libertarianism, namely concentration of power. At some point, the player will usually gain enough influence and money for restrictions to become irrelevant. Which, in real life, indicates a subversion of libertarian ideology, where freedoms can be infringed through economic pressure. If you want a lasting libertarian society, you need a minimum level of government intervention to prevent outsize harm to society. This should consist of, at the extreme minimum, a regulatory body to enforce competition and prevent other market failures, in addition to the standard requirements of a military and a judiciary.

So what?

Well, basically, nuance exists.
If you want to establish a perfect political system, regardless of form, it’s probably going to pretty damn complex, considering humans haven’t found one yet.
Libertarianism’s issue is that the popular variant is both readily understandable, implying that attempts haven't failed due to not following theory, and the failures on any scale are readily apparent.
For example,
When a group of libertarians set about scrapping their local government, chaos descended. And then the bears moved in.
Or Sealand. Or any of a dozen other small scale attempts. Or, for the need for regulations, the US during the Gilded Age.
There are plenty of well regarded economists that have published substantial analysis on limited government in a modern economic system, and the inefficiencies in larger government. I strongly recommend drawing on them, rather than on the more simplistic models that can be found in a highschool or college freshman economic textbook.



Prior Works

If you enjoyed this, other posts in this series include:
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2020.10.19 02:17 Fryed_Toasted 37 years in to 2 pages. My life was over in a flash

Born September 26th 1983. It was a Monday, one like no other. My life started with a near nuclear war. My life has been complicated from the start. But I always say that my birth prevented WW3 lol obviously nobody believes me but all they should do is google the date. Anyway, My mum was a nurse in the neonatal special care baby unit and my dad was a Police Constable in the West Yorkshire Police. I also had a sister who was 7 years old at the time. I never experienced that family, I remember my being very young, maybe 2 years old in a house that had no carpets or furniture, the echo of my hammer toy reverberated through the house as my mum was on the phone. I found out later that my dad had left my mum for another woman (this was the first time my dad remarried in my lifetime). They'd been together since they were teens, and I never asked about their relationship because I (unlike my sister) never experienced a real family unit. I always felt odd, with my home family and my dads new family, I never really fit in any where. So school starts and I remember looking back now, I was a horrible little boy, I didn't understand, or was never taught what respect was. I was beaten and smacked but I was never told why, or what I had done wrong. I blocked most of that out and kept thoughts of my grandad. My grandad was Austrian, he had a coocoo clock in his front room that wold loudly tick tock all day and night, and every hour it would coocoo the number of hours it was. He had a giant organ in his front room and a large piano in the dining room, I never was interested, I just wanted to wrestle and play Bindman buff. He taught me horror, and have a Dracula mask hunk up above his electric organ, hung on the antlers of a dear. He'd chase me round the house making ghoul noises and I'd scream and laugh and run, the best person I have ever know in my grandad. But sadly as I grew up, my dad was beating me, my family members were sexually abusing me, all I wanted was to go to my grandad and play. I never told anyone about what was going on but I did try and leave my mums house to live with my dad permanently to get away from the sexual abuse. But my abuser followed, and my whole childhood was taken away. I never realised that until I hit my mid 30's. I never had a normal kids childhood. My teenage years hit and I was angry at everyone, nobody kept me safe and I was so hurt. My mum always told my how much she didn't like me and that I was a bastard. My dad met his 3rd wife, kicked me out of his house and I haven't spoken to him since I was 13. I know he's been arrested for treats to kill a police Sargent but that's probably the only time he's had the balls to do anything. My school life I couldn't maintain friendships, girlfriends didn't last long. I was a mess but nobody was there that I trusted enough to talk to. I ended up dropping out of school and still taking my exams, which I passed too, my IQ of 138 came in handy I guess. After leaving school I tried to work and have a relationship, both failed miserably. I just didn't trust anyone and I didn't know how to be with people. This came across as me being a shit-cunt, and I couldn't talk to my girlfriend, I wouldn't have known where to begin. So from 17 to my mid 20's I took drugs, ecstasy was my drug of choice, I've smoked weed since my mid teens, it's been the only thing that stopped me from killing myself and has always been helpful to stop the thoughts. I met a few girls then, Leanne, Sara, then Sarah (the one woman I wish I could have been a better man for was Sarah, she was a special kind of girlfriend, I really fucked us both over, but I didn't realise I was doing it). Then I met the bitch, my daughters mother. You see after Sarah I was heart broken (I still am even to this day if I'm honest) I met this girl who had a reputation. At the time I was dipping my toes into porn and thought, yes a dirty little slapper is what I need. Well, dirty she was, slapper not so much. We moved in together and she was supposed to be barren. I wanted kids but she said she couldn't have them and at that time it was fine. I just wanted to fuck and party and enjoy my life. But this girl was a piece of shit, screwing everyone behind my back, just so they'd buy her a drink in the bar. One night we ended up in a fight, she punched me in the club then again when we got home and she'd spent all the money we had for food to live as we had nothing. So I hit back. Got a 2 year sentence for that. We stayed together after working through stuff. Then she got miraculous pregnant. And the day she dropped she moved out and took my new born daughter with her. Two years later she gave my daughter to me. I struggled on my own for 8 years, her mum didn't bother helping and only saw our daughter a and full of times, not even calling to speak to her on the phone. Since march, my daughter has been living with here maternal grandma. And she seems happy. I don't want her to turn out like me. She has a childhood. I may have saved the world in 1983. But my daughter will do better. My time is coming to an end. I feel the seconds slowing down and feel the reapers breath on my neck every day. My time came and went, most of it was stolen from me, and even now, cunt tard bitch from America recently threatened to kill me. I say come and have a go if you think you will succeed, but bring your own size body bad, you'll need it.
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2020.10.19 01:20 ignaposts [Thank You] ¡Que plancha lo atrasada que estoy con mis agradecimientos! (Chilean stuff #5)

Plancha, which means iron... the one used to iron clothes (so many "irons"!), in chilean also means "embarrassing": "It's embarrasing how late I am with my thank you's!"... or something like that. Oh, there was a tongue twister with "plancha", (but not the chilean one): Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas.... Why 4? It makes no sense, should be "pocas" instead.... but saying "few" for ironing with irons is quite a lot. Lol.

I know many here have sent me more than the mentioned cards below, but I'm keeping it simple and going with the ones that come out first for this round. For the glitterbomb ones, that'll be my last update, thus marking my definitive return to the sub (and also definitive chaos on my room again, oh dear... I'm seeing the pandora box eeying me evily)
So, let me try pouring with my weak words my feeble attempts at muttering my gratitude to so many wonderful people.

u/feellikebeingajerk Oh, man.... it seems the overseas Easter chick test failed due to... unexpected world events, lol. But it did bring me such a smile when I opened it.... many many months later (5 maybe?). I adore Samson. Yeah, that's how I named my chick, since he looks kinda hairy. Have it in my desk, supervising my artsy mess. I used the orange pipe cleaners to tie the two pompoms and even the beak! I wanted to test myself how little glue I could use in this project, which I find really fun challenging myself.... specially now. Oh, come on, look at Samson, he's so adorbs. <3 Thank you so much.
u/bellanova2018 I really hope your trip to India was awesome. I'd love going there some day! Al the regional dishes stamps are so fascinating, (and pretty). Thank you so much for also introducing me to such cool food. Now I really, really wanna try Palak Paneer. What does it have? My sis told me it doesn't look apetizing at all, but knowing that it has spinach, now it is in my top 10 ones I wanna try if I ever travel there. Is food too spicy? Thank you so much for such an awesome mail. I also LOVE your handwriting. I wanna try your cool “A”s, haha.
u/KrebsLovesFiesh I opened your card during quarantine and it brightened up my day so much. It had a super cute postcard of a watch shop. It reminded me of this store I liked seing with my mom and sisters in Austria everytime we turned a corner. It had these colorful handmade clocks with such fun and cool shapes. There was one of a kitchenaid . Wow, who would've thought that was this year. Seems like it was sooo long ago. I really hope you've been doing fine.oh, I also really loved the envelope with the year of the rat stamps marks. That is so freakin cool. They're so adorable, it makes you wanna collect them.
u/LifeOfLari Thank you so much for the Lake Kawaguchi postcard. Mt Fuji is so pretty. It reminds me of the Villarrica Volcano. I love watching it throwing smoke with the lake at its feet. I loved your story of asking help to a grandma while lost. It is so cute! Like being a kid back again. I usually get lost everywhere, specially in foreign counties when I'm supposed to be in a group. Lol, I sound so hatable, haha. But when I'm stolling alone, I like to get lost in purpose. I usually end up finding pleasant surprises. Who knows, maybe you find the old couple again one day, I'll keep my fingers crossed ;)
u/TigerLady13 Oh Aunt Bertha. I swear this card got lost after so many drinks, it took ages to arrive!. Even the stamps were backwards, adding more awesomeness to these cards sent by my fave auntie. Shhhh, don't tell that to anyone. My love is the best cash, so sending you lots of it! I also love the fact that you greeted me first in spanish and that was too scholarly for vacations, so it was crossed out and replaced by a proper holiday like “aloha”, lol.
u/oneinamelon I had a big facepalm with this yahoo knock knock joke. Many don't work in Spanish, so we have other types here, so it always feel new and refreshing, lol. And yes, I prefer google too. Is Yahoo still alive? I wonder if people still use it. I think after google I'd rather use DuckDuckGo before yahoo or even Bing. Bleuuughhh, don't like Bing at all. It is so messy and I never get the results I want. Thumbs down. And for some reasone I keep uninstalling it and from time to time it gets re-installed with the updates. Lol, I went on a tangent? Thanks so much for the laugh. I wanna show it to my sisters :)
u/CeceMarie I can't describe how much I love this card. It almost feels prophetic, how our everyday interactions get more and more transfered to the online world. Wow, 15 years ago feels like yesterday, but so many differences were there!s The 2000's feels so close but are actually quite back. What made me tell the card was old was the fax number in the back of the card instead of an email. I wonder if people still uses fax machines. I always felt them wierd, noisy and obsolete... and expenisve. I guess Chile was really poor back in the 90's. I remember my parents waited for more than a year to get a phone number, and they lived in a flat behind my grandparents, so they extended a wire up to their apartment, but it was the same number. I remember in elementary school a friend had a color printer in her house and that was so freakin cool. We never had a fax. What people used to do was to go to someone's house to send them or special shops. And for very imporant or specific things. I remember when my cousin was born the 94 in europe, and my aunt send us a fax. Still faxes felt alien for me. Maybe because I never used them for work. In the 2000's I watched many things on cartoons that seemed normal in households but not here. Like putting people on hold and changing to another call, or group calls, or seeing the ID number. I wonder if it was ever possible or a paid aditional service. Wow, how times change. During quarantine we got rid of our house number. It was painful for my parents, but at the end most of them were spam calls and no one wanted to answer. Oh gosh, I'm writing a novel here, I should give you a proper slow reply.
u/ninajyang I love the pictures you've taken in your trips. This one is an amazing night skyline in Shangai that looks so pretty! I'd love to visit there one day. When I got your postcard I couldn't stop and think, wow, cities next to clear waters look so dreamy! It makes me wonder, what were the sounds there, how are the people like, what are the smells that can be sensed, the temperature. I love remembering the smells of trips, and when I get to sense them again, they transport me to the good memories I've had around the world. I tasted Glühwein for the first time when I met u/5-finger-death-punch. And that's one of the aromas that stuck for that memory, with the feeling of a cold nose sensing the heat of the hot spiced wine. Oh man, I had planned traveling to Aus next month for quite a while and then tour Asia. Who knows if that'll be possible. But who knows if the future holds unexpected good surprises instead? We'll see. Thank you so much for your postcard!
u/5-finger-death-punch My dear friend! I've remembered you so much! For a long time I've felt like writing you a long letter, but then I start overthinking stuff and that oh, this is a carding sub, and that could be overwhelming and yada yada yada. I hope you're doing well as well as your studies. And also that you've kept your same address, I sent you some stuff your way. Did I ever send you the picture of the unrememberable-name-for-me sweet we ate? We couldn't ice skate at the end with my sisters that weekend, but we got to enjoy nice live music at the Prater while flakes started to fall. My historian sister remembers you the most, and in a very fond way. We had so much fun that day. Getting the Albertina postcard with the … Feldhase... Der Haseichverstehenicht? Brought me so many good memories. I wish I could've visited more museums! My fam hates me, I take too much time inside. I love how you also put a bunny in the back. I think I've watched this postcard for 10 minutes straight. Lol, I could make a museum locked-down experience with some of the postcards that I've got, and have no one complain.haha. Thank you so much. Ohhhh, I just realized! This one is stamped in germany with a flockenblume. Wow, I think I'm starting to understand what felt so overwhelming before! Is it like.... sheeps flower? Lol.
u/underscoreophelia Thank you so much for such a pretty and filled with energy and positivity card. I loved it so much! I love your handwriting and notes, and fun letter, it brings me so many good memories and also a Geronimo Stilton vibe, and I LOVE it. I also love how you write Chile... I wanna try writing it too. This was such a nice card to get, filled with so much love and praise. I know I've been away for a while, and that I wasn't very filled with warmth and positivity the last months, but now I feel filled with new energy again, and determined to be the best version of myself... and probably still a bit cray cray. I guess I still love being different and doing wierd random stuff. I really hope you've been doing okay. And hydrated? Lol, in my fam we became addicted to water this quarantine. Our first day out to a restaurant we all asked plain water and I refilled it 3 times and also drank my sis'. I've drank so much water that fizzy drinks taste wierd now and feel like a chore (for example, being in the countryside and no one brought drinkable water ) Thank you so much, and rest assured, I'm dead set on archieving real longlasting happiness now. And I know that can be archived by searching what is really really true and real, getting rid of what's fake and selfish in me and by doing my best for others by walking the extra mile. I have a hunch that I'm capable of loving so much more. There is so much good I could do! The future looks so bright now, whatever happens.
u/yellowseptember (x3) Oh my dear yellowseptember, I felt so spoiled getting your surprise selection of poems, haiku and poo-etry. You wrote them? Wow, I wanna try writing pooetry too. It'll always be a mystery to me how on earth you print your cards. I sometimes forget how much fun it is to write them. The other day I helped my cousin write a rant in verse about quarantine. In Spanish, of course.... I haven't tried in English, except that impromtu haiku battle I once had in the comment section of this sub once. I seriously love your cards, they made me snort, and the postcards are pretty and fun! It is also my first woman in science postcard I recieve, and I love it! I wanted to be a scientist when little, but robotics and mechanics was only for boys back then and that was maddening. I also was the only girl in advanced physics.
u/PotterSarahRN Ohhhh it's a scented valentine's dinasour! That was so unexpected and cool! I can't believe it held its strawberry smell all the way up here and still has it. I love how these cards are so cute and colorful and happy. Since which age kids start celebrating valentine's? When does the “change” happens? The one from gifting friends to actually thinking on flirting and all that. I was familiar with these celebrations because of tv, but it felt so foreign to me, but kinda cool. Though probably I'd be the kid that got the “oh, let's don't leave her out” cards and thingies, because I was such a trouble maker, lol. At least since 4th grade (it it “since” or “from”?? ahhhh someone help me!!), because I had an awesome group of friends till 3rd grade... until puberty hit them and they got so... stange, and since I was in other school, I couldn't keep up with their new interests and dramas. I think puberty hasn't reached me yet in all these By the way, my lil cousin says the card smells nice. I have a dilemma, lol, I freakin love tatoos and I like sticking them into paper and decorating with them, like a hardcore level sticker. But there's also my cousin's daughter that is obsessed with them and she'll get so happy if I paste her a couple. It's funny to see that all these little kids are full of these sticky tatoos, like in summer, since they don't have to take them off for online classes. Makes me feel like I'm already in summer. Ahh, sticky tatoos bring me so many good memories. We got them out of chip bags, mostly, and Chuck n' Cheese prizes and birthday's parties. Because we always got few tickets, so we could only redeem the cheapest things, which were usually tatoos., lol
u/germymany I had to read the “wheelie like you” twice to understand the pun, lol. The croc is so cute! Thank you so much for one of my firsts valentine's cards. It was so fascinating to think kids give each others these type of cards. That's so cute! I actually never celebrated Valentine's at school because that date falls into Summer Vacations, and just between february, when the “recambio de veraneantes” happens, that is, when almost everyone that was on their 2 week vacation, return to their homes and the others that took the other half of the month start theirs. It's chaos, and, since Chile is a loooong huge single panamerican highway pretty much, you can imagine the incredible traffic jams that occurs. So a huge group is stressed out travelling, not caring about it much, and in the many years I dated, I was always far away for that day... and kinda forgot about it? I also almost never had phone signal. How do you used to celebrate it?
u/fashbrownz I got your pretty aquarell card done in February.... very late in the year. Thank you so much. I hope things are doing better there. I still can't send to your country, which is pretty frustrating. We're still in our first wave down here, we managed to flatten the curve and the hospitals never collapsed because the government made the private ones open their doors to help the public system during our critical period, since we're all in this together. We're slowly going back to our normal lives, area by area, and the parameters are very well defined and everyone knows there won't be total “freedom” until a cure is found. But at teh end we're human beings and get tired of feeling uncomfortable, so we'll see. We already were having March panic buying because of the social protests, so it was implemented early on the limit quantity and in some places is still held, because some are still hard to find or the production of them was badly affected. I think I never asked my friends with 7, 9, 10 and 12 siblings how they managed that. This time has taught me to practice patience, which I don't have too much. It's interesting how every country has taken different measures, I sometimes feel like lab rats in a huge global scale experiment. I hope that this make us more humble and we learn from our mistakes and also the others' and copy and improve the best meassures and ideas that have been implemented. I'm dying to send you a reply, can't wait for the post service to open up to more countries.
u/stephanieTay Thank you so much for the xmass postcard with the advent candles. This was my first cold xmass in the northern hemisphere, and was able to smell and see the colors the picture shows, which brings me cozy memories. There was also a washi tape depicting Japanese Christmas cakes. I find it interesting how they also have their own version and traditions of that holiday, like the strawberry cakes.'They look quite yummy! Thank you so much!
u/YESmynameisYES Thank you so much for the Weasley's Wizzard Weezes postcard. Oh boy, I love those twins. I loved whenever they appeared in the books. And I love the quote you put “Oh wow, we're identical!” I couldn't help but smile. I used to be a Potter head, haha. The annoying kind that when the first movie went out I would complain about all the differences. And then I decided I'd never watch a movie again. In my child eyes they felt too dark and... dusty? Though I remember how wowed I was with the first movie trailer. The castle on the outside was cooler than what I imagined (don't get to see castles here at all), but those staircase were a trillion times better and cooler in my imagination, and I actually loved them a lot, I felt so heartbroken in that scene. When I started reading the books, I had just changed to another elementary school, and I had a freckled redheaded classmate, son of a teacher there, that was a troublemaker and had a huge family too, so it was not hard at all to imagine the caotic environment and fun interactions and hardships. The 6th book was so fun with all the Umbridge-related bullying done by the twins. I sometimes had trouble following them, because I read that book in English, and there are soooo many hard and unknown words but at some point I was so mesmerized by the book I kind of pretended I understood it and imagine whatever, lol. I read them all again last year and I was amazed at how different it felt. I could understad so much more after all these years!
u/PoisonousKey Thank you so much for the cute Winnie Pooh postcard. I feel your handlettering is getting better everytime, and it's so pretty! Have you practiced more? I'd love to see how it's evolved by the end of the year! I haven't practiced at all.... I got into a lettering class right before getting locked down and then I got somewhat discouraged after killing 2 brushpens. Well, after all these months locked, I killed many pens, specially my favorite drawing pens. From overuse and daily accidents. It's funny, when my family starts overdoing something, I get discouraged too. They got addicted to buying online, and I culdn't buy anything untill they calmed down. Or after they got obsessed with photography, I could never again take a camera in our family trips, despite how much I like taking pictures. What's the point of having 7 persons taking pictures to everything?? How it can be an archievent to come back with 3000 pictures that are a pain to sort out? Now I wanna try improving my caligraphy again! I just love how you do the “I”'s, I wanna try it now. Funny that in Spanish it's uncommon to capitalize so many “I”s, since it's not an overly used pronoun, haha. Thank you so much.
u/el_azul I LOVE the postcard from the stamp museum you sent me, and love the architecture of the buildings shown, mainly because it's so different from what I've seen in my life (I'd love to travel there some day). I wanna send you a postcard of one of our stamps' illustrators in Chile... as soon as I can send again your way. Unless we do a postcard chain with someone else that is able to send your way... that would be so cool. What you liked the most of that visit? I'd love to visit one some day... sadly stamp culture is dying in Chile.... the gov' puts their friends in charge of these departments, so they're zero interested in snailmail or philately and they're expecting it to die... as the stamp artist told me. She's the youngest by faaaaaar of the colectors that go to the official meetings and releases. Thank you so, so much for going the extra mile and sending me one, I wrote this while listening to Tam Zamani, such a nice peaceful song.... what is it about?
u/theycallmemia I ADORE your space postcard with the saturn pin, I found it such a cool format. I love its colors and everything, thank you so, so much for spoiling me. Do you like pins too? I love them, but I'm still a messy collector, haha. I wanna make something to display them, but I'm a master at procrastinating... I get distracted too fast at practically everything, ouchieeees. It's funny that since this one was not just paper, it went through the packages system and had to cross customs. They put a barcode in the envelope whenever they scan them through the packages system. I might be saying some postal aberration, but my English is too limited, lol. Btw, the doodle you did of yourself is super cute, and made me smile even more.
u/ThriftyRiver “Awww” that was the first thing I said. When I opened your card with a cat in it from Pet Partner's. And “awww” also said my lil cousin who was standing at my back. “Did she made it?” he asked. Oh, haha, other person walked behing me just now and also awwed. I didn't know about the Pet Partner's volunteering program, I think that's so cool! If something alike existed here, it'd give me the drive to fully train my dog and participate. But I'm a lazy loaf that whenever I teach him something, my family think it's cool and over stimulate him and somehow manage to confuse him and then he gets some things mixed up.He's so cute. When we go on our walks he likes running after quails and rabbits, but gets scared of cows. I'd love seeing deers, they must be so cute! Here in the south we have a little type of deer called Pudú, but they're very very shy. Thank you so much for the pancake recipe, I wanna try it out some weekend. Do you like them thick and spongy or thin as crepes? In my house we make them thin, filled with spinach or chicken in a roll and eat them for dinner topped with Bechamel, lol. Chileans don't eat pancakes for breakfast; instead, they like bread with avocado, scrambled eggs, ham, butter or mermelade... or dulce de leche. And coffee. We have tried making pancakes as shown on tv (except that we add dulce de leche... yummy), but we make them small and can't eat more that 2... how could people eat one bigger that the plate?! That's insane! Were you able to? When we've traveled to the US, we've all shared plates with my sisters, and still can't eat them whole. They once sold us a tower of fries at Burger King (actually it was part of the meal thingie), filling a whole tray. It was insane! We barely were able to eat 1/4th of them between 7.
u/MangoMeliss Thank you so much for such the adorable red ridding hood with her doggie. I love it so much. Reminds me of the years I was studying animation. I just love this style. I also loved your adventures in Holland. I'd love to visit there some day! Oh gosh, I just realized, after holding your postcard many times (because I adore it) that those phat kitty stickers are actually these memo paper things! Oh wow, hahaha, I'm laughing so much right now. I'll definetly use a couple to decorate cute things. Thank you so much for the Hello Kitty Valentine's, it makes me think in the little kids at school giving out these. I think that's cute. But do kids only write the to and from? Or they add little messages too? I've never celebrated it, it's fascinating knowing about these things. Also, thank you so much for the adorable washi samps. I'm copying your folding technique for the last bit, they look pretty and it's so practical! Oh, and last but not least (whatever that means, shoot, I need to study more English) I'm in love with the envelope and the Stitch you drew.
u/lonelytwatwaffle My dear waffle, I don't know why your cards took so long to arrive, but I've loved each one of them. I actually felt very touched to get a Christmas card with Mary in it and wishes to have a blessed Christmas. I wasn't expecting it! And it was a lovely holiday, my first ever cold one, away and relaxed, with my family and newborn nephew and not worrying about gifts, meetings, or things that just distract us of what is really important. We also, unexpectedly, met a huge group of spaniards living there and we sang carols in many languages and they stayed till very late and they were so noisy! It was sooo fun. Funny that since my sister came back from her exchange in Spain, she made us listen to villancicos sevillanos all year round, so we knew quite a lot, haha. By the way, I love your jigsaw puzzle ornament, I'll hang it this year. And I also loved the star's mischievous face, it's so adorable. Thank you so much.
u/suzilla10 (x2) Thank you so much for the Fernsehturm postcard. Many years ago I only got to see it from below, I was visiting with a huge group and there was a big parade and the city was chaotic, so the leaders decided to just walk around... a lot! I regret not buying postcards there, they were all so amazing I couldn't decide! So many types and just oh wow. Back then I would send them to myself. So I just spent all my money in cool magnets and yummy food. And still was so hard to pick! Haha. When I opened your surprise adventskalender-karte, all the amazing memories I had in Österreigh came back and brought me such a warm lasting feeling. I don't wanna ever forget those holidays. (Or the laughs I had at the sub the previous days of me searching for stamps like a madwoman while Santiago was getting destroyed by the protests, trying to get before the Germans bought everything). Last month I met the artist who designs the stamps, and she made such a cute one last year, that I obviously never knew its existance. (Well, also my post office, after the germans episodes never got stamps ever again, and she doesn't care at all). I also got to know how caotic is the system and how people who snail mail or collect stamps are seen as pieces of a museum that will eventually die into oblivion if it wasn't for the international groups that put money so stamps get printed. Oh man, I love your card and details so much. The stickers remind me of our many trips to Thalia with my sisters (we don't have anything as awesome as that here) and I would just walk around and dream I was buying everything. I wanna go back to Europe some dayyyy! Thank you so much, I love everything, I get so happy opening your envelope from time to time. I will definetly set up the advent calendar this year. I adored that when I visited in December, all these advent little things and presents, they were so cute and adorable, I NEED to do something like that this year, it brings me memories of my childhood. I used to love Advent. Ohhhh... holidays are looking more and more american here each year, and I just loved the european one so much better... it felt more familiar and authentic. Dude, we're getting malls installing snow machines to make it snow... in summer. Because now that's what xmass is about? Poor overdressed workers. This summer is going to be particularly hot and dry.
u/bananacreampiee Yay! I got your graduation card! Thank you so much! Funny how I would be graduated by now, but the internships were postponed so I technically finished college but need to do that to graduate-graduate... well, I'm not too worried about that, whatever has to happen will happen, I'm glad the worst part is over and the messy thesis is done. Still I can't believe I finally finished my studies... it's been a long and really hard journey! Lol, in my first sememster I visited Italy and met a priest while I was with my hopes impressively down on actually finishing something, so we made an exchange: he was going to pray for me, and if -by miracle at this point in life- I finished, I'd visit him and participate in his volunteering program. And he delivered it seems. For the first time ever I didn't fail any semester, which used to be impossible with my MH. I can't wait to contact him again, but I only remember his first name... and nothing else. And I have a picture with the family that invited us both to dinner (I met him there). I'll have to do some detective work. I still don't know how we managed to have such a deep and long conversation afterwards, he was speaking in Italian and I was in Spanish, and those years I couldn't understand a thing nor let myslef be understood, unless someone spoke Spanish or English.

I have quite a lot of replies and exchanges that have remain unsent due to various reasons, so please, I'd be eternally greatful if you fill up my mailing list form. Specially if you've changed your address. C:
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2020.10.18 17:31 Alternative-Honey-12 My Ex contacted me, giving me signals and some false hope and now it's driving me crazy!

My (F/28) Ex (M/28) and I dated for about 5 years when we broke up last year. I was devastated but after 2 months or so he immediately started dating a mutual friend pretty much right away. I was moreso bittersweet happy for them that they found each other.
So anyway over the pandemic he e-mailed me to apologize (?) because he lashed out at me over text thinking I hacked into his social media accounts. When he found out the real culprit I guess he felt bad and wanted to reach out to say sorry, but I actually didn't receive any of these nasty texts because I changed my number long ago. He asked me how I was, I didn't really answer and just left it at that.
Second time he contacted me was to ask me a name of a song (??) we listened to when we were on a road trip, I just kept it short and he asked me if I wanted some of my belongings back, to which I told him to throw out. We had mutual friends on Facebook so at this time I've seen he's unblocked me and then blocked me again a few times.
Third time was about 3 months ago, this time on my work number, which he found on the internet.. he asked me how I was, said he wanted to check up on me and was wanting to message me for a long time. Says that he will always care about me. I said I was doing fine blah blah, told him I was happy for him and "Sarah" and that I'm glad he found someone to spend the rest of his life with. NOW comes to weird part - instead of acknowledging it he says "that's not a guarantee .." ??
I feel like that's giving me some sort of weird hopes, that he's not really thinking of her as someone he wants to spend his life with. Do you think he's really just checking up on me or is there some sort of hope for in the future?
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2020.10.18 15:51 suche26 I am scared that my girlfriend would leave me

Okay I am 14m and my girlfriend is 14f let's call her Sarah
I have had a crush on Sarah for about a year and have been a close friend of hers but couldn't really approach her then because she had a crush on my BFF (let's call him Jacob)which really put me and him at odds but a few months ago she told me that she doesn't like him anymore and I got really Happy and decided to finally proposed to her online and luckily I got accepted we have been online dating for about a month now but because of her strict parents I haven't talked to her in a week because they keep checking her texts and her brother is a ahole snitch and I am afraid that I might lose her because I have really bad social anxiety and am very concerned about my looks let me tell you I am not the type of guy you would say attractive
So what should I do am I just being paranoid or is this a possibility
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2020.10.18 15:04 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 18th, 2020

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2020.10.18 07:15 actuallycanyounot I hate my bridesmaids boyfriend

I hate my bridesmaids boyfriend
My fiancé (30M) and I (28F) are getting married September 2021. My friend, Sarah (28F) is one of my bridesmaids. Sarah has been dating David (26M) for several months now. David is the worst human I’ve ever met.... he can not control his drinking, blacks out, and wants to fight anyone who looks at him. This has happened multiple times. David is disrespectful, rude, narcissistic... honestly there are zero redeeming qualities about him and I can not fathom why Sarah continues to date him. I pray to god they break up by next September. My fiancé and I will be mortified if he blacks out the night of our wedding and tries to fight one of our friends or family members. Neither of us want him there, it’s too much drama that I don’t want to worry about on my wedding day. Still, Sarah is my bridesmaid and it would be rude to not offer her a plus one. What do I do about this? Please helppppp TL;DR rock the boat and tell my bridesmaid she can’t bring her boyfriend? ORRR invite David to our wedding and hope he can act like a normal decent human for once?
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2020.10.18 06:56 actuallycanyounot I hate my bridesmaids boyfriend

I hate my bridesmaids boyfriend
My fiancé and I are getting married September 2021. My friend, Sarah is one of my bridesmaids. Sarah has been dating David for several months now. David is the worst human I’ve ever met.... he can not control his drinking, blacks out, and wants to fight anyone who looks at him. This has happened multiple times. David is disrespectful, rude, narcissistic... honestly there are zero redeeming qualities about him and I can not fathom why Sarah continues to date him. I pray to god they break up by next September. My fiancé and I will be mortified if he blacks out the night of our wedding and tries to fight one of our friends or family members. Neither of us want him there, it’s too much drama that I don’t want to worry about on my wedding day. Still, Sarah is my bridesmaid and it would be rude to not offer her a plus one. What do I do about this? Please helppppp
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2020.10.18 06:37 actuallycanyounot I hate my bridesmaids boyfriend

My fiancé and I are getting married September 2021. My friend, Sarah is one of my bridesmaids. Sarah has been dating David for several months now. David is the worst human I’ve ever met.... he can not control his drinking, blacks out, and wants to fight anyone who looks at him. This has happened multiple times. David is disrespectful, rude, narcissistic... honestly there are zero redeeming qualities about him and I can not fathom why Sarah continues to date him. I pray to god they break up by next September. My fiancé and I will be mortified if he blacks out the night of our wedding and tries to fight one of our friends or family members. Neither of us want him there, it’s too much drama that I don’t want to worry about on my wedding day. Still, Sarah is my bridesmaid and it would be rude to not offer her a plus one. What do I do about this? Please helppppp
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2020.10.18 06:17 Jakethrowsdwn What’s the most Tarantino movie that doesn’t involve Quentin Tarantino?

Imitation is the purest form of flattery, sure. Quentin Tarantino has pretty much made an art of homage. After the success of Reservoir Dogs there were a lot of filmmakers trying to capitalize on that success. Mirimax as a studio seemed to capitalize on this (Soderbergh, Smith, Rodriguez, Van Sant).
I’ve seen movies that try and use the Tarantino formula like Poolhall Junkies, Suicide Kings, Boondock Saints, 2 Days in the Valley, Very Bad Things, Swingers, the list goes on. I enjoyed all of those movies, just like I really enjoyed Go.
If there’s one movie that was going for that Pulp Fiction vibe it’s this. Trunk shots, pop culture, block dialogue, Breckin Meyer as a discount Drexl, nonlinear format, even Sarah Polley looks like Uma Thurman.
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The music dates it, but I was 11 in 1999 and it was nice to hear LEN for a change.
Are there any other movies that so blatantly try to apply the Tarantino formula, or is this it?
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2020.10.18 05:55 TayTay7403 26 [F4M] Central PA - Is there such thing as a real connection anymore?

I'm Sarah, 26, in home health aide, full time student.
I've grown incredibly lonely and dating apps suck, so I'm trying reddit... again.
Can I find a guy who will actually care about getting to know me instead of "send a nude, Lol"
I'm not ugly by any means but shouldn't a connection be emotional? instead of being a skeezeball?

Anyway; I like gaming, coloring, writing, reading, and music.
Message me if you aren't a skeeze. I've grown incredibly bitter lately.
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Men Sarah Geronimo Has Dated ♥♥♥ - YouTube YES THEORY  WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THEIR FIRST DATE? SARAH ... Sarah Shahi Jokingly Spills Intimate Details On Keeping It ... Chuck & Sarah - 'General, Chuck and I are dating . . . exclusively' Sarah Kaynee - YouTube Girls Sarah Paulson Has Dated - (American Horror Story ... Sarah Silverman on Ex-Boyfriends and Dating - YouTube Sarah Darling - Home To Me - YouTube Sarah Hyland on Dating Wells from The Bachelorette - YouTube

Who is Sarah Paulson dating? The Ratched star's relationships

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Chuck S02E09 'You finally admit that you do have feelings for the nerd.' [Full HD] - Duration: 2:33. CHUCK 648,080 views Sarah talks about her ex-boyfriends and her current dating life. Jimmy Kimmel Gets Scared by a Drone SUBSCRIBE to get the latest... Share!!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY! I do funny reaction videos and collabs. Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can be the first to watch my new vide... Sarah Paulson Dating Timeline! Sarah Paulson Dated Who? Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet! Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor! Sarah Paulson Relationships! Track :... Sarah Darling “Home To Me” available on iTunes Music video by Sarah Darling performing Home To Me. (C) 2012 Black River Enterta... Sarah Shahi is all about keeping it spicy with her husband Steve Howey! The actress stopped by Access Live to dish about her new show 'City on a Hill.' Sarah... Siren Head Dating Simulator Comment below your favorite guy from One Direction! CLICK DOWN ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ FOR MORE SUBSCRIBE so you can be part of our socially awk... Who Is Sarah Geronimo Dating? - Sarah Geronimo's Dating History Who is Sarah Geronimo Dating? Who is Sarah Geronimo's Boyfriend? Who is Sarah Geronimo's Husb... Sarah talks about how she met her boyfriend Wells from 'The Bachelorette' and 'Bachelor in Paradise' and reveals why they're such a good fit. White House Spo...